For The First a Time – Love, Sex & Poetry


For The First Time – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Drifting in and out
I felt you
Brush against me
For the first time
I felt the rush
Of having you near
Quickening my pulse
Delirious in fever
My thoughts drift
To you
Waiting for the moment
When your hands
Touch my body for the first time
And your lips
Trace the curves
Of my womanly body
To the center
Of my passion
Passion is waiting for you
Wet with desire for you
Anticipating the moment
You lay with me
In my bed
And wake up
Before dawn
To have me
One more time
Before our day begins
I imagine the day when
I look into
Your beautiful blue eyes
As I’m on top of you
Enjoying the way
You feel inside of me
And the rhythm
Our bodies find naturally
Laying in bed
Passing the time
Looking forward
To the first time
You lay next to me
And our bodies
Join as one
For the first time
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I’ve been sick and in bed with a fever. Killing time having erotic thoughts about Mr. Blue Eyes and writing poetry.

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5 thoughts on “For The First a Time – Love, Sex & Poetry

  1. One sincerely hopes you are feeling much better.
    The blend of deep rest and fever have definitely stirred your illustrious talent and the prose is exceedingly beautiful and compellingly stimulating.
    A remarkable, honest and noteworthy poem.


  2. One wishes that Mr Blue Eyes would come visiting with Chicken Soup to speed recovery.
    Take care, stay warm and take it easy blossom.
    You are an extremely talented and gifted lady


  3. Linda,
    You are a unique talent blossom and a charismatic woman in your own right.
    The two together are very rare.
    You are a gem that rivals the uniqueness of the finest Pink Diamonds.


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