Peaceful Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry

Stephan_Abel_Sinding_Tutt'Art@_(44)Peaceful Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The journey
Is yours to walk
I can’t walk it for you
Relying upon senses
My soul
Feels you need reassurance
I offer you comfort
Rising up
My senses proclaim your name
Waiting for you
Is the comfort
Of my body and soul
Peacefully waiting
On the other side
For you
My body
Will be your haven
A resting place
Where you will
Find nourishment
My soul will sustain you
On the shores
Of my
Voluptuous breasts
Is passion for you
It is nestled in the
Warm center of hips
Wet with desire
Aroused with anticipation
Of the moment
You claim your place
Between my legs
And I hold you
In depths of our connection
I want you to
To breathe
Without gasping
To touch
Without hesitating
To be alive
Without holding back
Joyfully alive
In this place of surrender
The peace within me
Will sustain you
Without really understanding
Why my soul
Writes these words today
I know it is drawn to yours
I acknowledge
The magnetic force of our attraction
And honor the call of my soul
Without really knowing
Why intuitive notions
Beckon me today
To make this promise
To you
I trust the calling of my soul
And pen these words
As an outpouring
From my soul to yours
The peace within me
Will support and comfort you
The peace within me
Will be
The peace within you
Our peaceful connection
Waits for you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Once again words sprung out of me like someone opened a fire hydrant. Intuitive calling? I don’t know. But, I spent my 1/2 hour lunch honoring my soul’s calling to write this.

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