Heat Rises – Love, Sex & Poetry


Heat Rises – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In a split second
I could see myself
Standing naked before you
Siting back
On the desk
You write on
Placing my bare feet
On your shoulders
Inviting you in
Come in from the cold
It’s warm inside me
In just a moment
The heat was starting
To rise
My body was responding
To your primal sent
My body was stimulated
Like a drum
The tribal beat
Pounded within me
My head said
“Get out quick”
My body said
“Come in from the cold
It’s warm inside me”
I could feel the blush
Heat rising
Rising up from
My vagina
Warming my nipples
Announcing lust
In your eyes
My lust for you
About to show
On my face
You were about to see
I want you
Come in from the cold
It’s warm inside me
You play with me
You toy with me
It excites me
It stimulates me
My desire for you
Makes me feel alive
Alarmingly alive
My body senses you
Can you feel
The passion rising
Heat between us
Rising higher
With the passage of time
Come in from the cold
It’s warm inside me
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I wouldn’t so much mind if Mr. Blue Eyes saw me blush in his presence. It would be a little embarrassing but also a turn on. I like when he plays with me. But, I would be absolutely mortified if anyone else in our reality knew or saw it. Lol 😉

There Are two pieces art on this post because I liked them both and couldn’t decide which to use😉👍✌️

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4 thoughts on “Heat Rises – Love, Sex & Poetry

  1. Greetings delightful chanteuse of erotic lusty passions and artistic appreciation par excellence.
    Mr Blue Eyes is an extremely fortunate person.
    As ever you subliminally enthral bewitching wordsmith of rare spirit and talent


  2. Greetings Linda
    Coming up to Saturday midday on a fine Autumns day in the lower region of the NSW Hunter Valley. After preparing and eating lunch then into the garden to chop wood for the fire and clear up leaves ( a never ending process…).
    One is entranced to find you in such a happy space, bask and soak it up blossom.
    You are a very special and rare talent.


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