A Sign – Love, Sex & Poetry

20140519-201000-72600005.jpgA Sign – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

When you are ready
Give me a sign
Let me know
It’s ok
For me to
Press my breasts against
Your chest
And kiss your lips
Slow and velvety
When you know
The time is right
Give me a sign
And I will
Place my body
In your hands
For you to slowly undress
Reveal me
Expose me
I’m waiting
I’m waiting
For the moment
When you lose
Your worries in my cleavage
And find peace
Between my legs
When you are ready
Let me know
You want me
Explore my curves
With your hands
And savor
The taste of the
Juice between my legs
Tell me
The time has come
And I will
Loosen my inhibitions
As you dive deep
Into my open mind
And seduce me
With a new reality
Of you being my lover
Give me a sign
When You are ready
And I will
Take my time
Satisfying you
I will fuck your mind
With my words
As I let go
Into our erotic union
You will feel my release
As I rock on your hips
Sparked by the fire
Our passion
Burning brighter
And higher
With each passing day
Waiting for you
To fuck me
Like the woman
You desire
Whisper in my ear
As you pass me and
Tell me you want me
As I spend my day
Wet with anticipation
Of my naked body
Being open
And under your control
Give me a sign
When you are ready
And I will
Welcome your hands
My wrists while you
Enter me deeply
As a friend
I will open to you
I will pull you
Into the warm depths
Of my soul
That has been
Waiting to join yours
In our kismet connection
When you’re ready
Give me a sign
I will lie naked
Beneath you
And breathe new life
Into you with each thrust
Of your hips
You will be revived
Let me know
When you are ready
To breath again
A new sex life is
Waiting for you
Let me know
When you are ready
Give me a sign
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  1. Hello D
    How is life for you today? I think you are probably enjoying a good night’s slumber by now as you are on the other side of the world. But, I was touched by your comment. Thank you for considering it one of my best. It is genuinely how I feel in the situation.


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