By Candlelight – Love, Sex & Poetry

Vidan_-_Italian_Figurative_painter_-_Tutt'Art@By Candlelight – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In a circle
I wait
A circle
Of white candlelight
Join me
In the center
Lay me down gently
And bath yourself
In white healing
Let your worries
Drift softly away
As you slowly
Undress me
Exposing my breasts
Feel them in your hands
Wrap your mouth
Around my nipples
One at a time
Slowly enjoy
The moment
We waited for
In this circle
I offer myself to you
As a friend
As a lover
As a sexual soul mate
In the safety
Of the warm candlelight
I am your gift
Unwrap me
Expose my naked body
To only your eyes
I give myself to you
In the safety
Of this circle
We are bathed by the
White healing light
I now can open myself
For you to see
All of me
Nothing is concealed
It is in the safety
And trust of your hands
That I am free
To let go
To finally let go
Together we are free
Bathed by candlelight
On this night
Freedom is found
In the union of our souls
As my words
Travel sweetly
Off the page
And imprint my
Name on your lips
I kiss you soft
To remind you
You are safe
In our circle
You are safe with me
Lay down with me
In the center of
Our light
Our white healing light
And take my body as yours
Take all of me
As yours
By the warmth of our
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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The best thing about being creative is I never know when the mood to create is going strike. I learned I am happiest if I take a moment and acknowledge the calling. I can’t always stop everything to write. But, I can at least take the spark and let it roll around in my head a bit. Then when I get a few moments I can write.

Writing poetry for me is something that comes from deep within. Sometimes it just an image that pops into my head, other times an intuitive calling will lead into a poem. Anyway it happens is beautiful for me.

As for this poem, the inspiration came last night as I practiced Yoga and Meditation by candlelight in my home. It was really quite beautiful and peaceful. I think I might do it again tonight. While on the mat surrounded by the white healing calming light, my thoughts felt so clear and calm. I felt completely at peace. The Linda who was on the mat last night is the Linda I truly am when it is all stripped away. The Linda that was on the mat last night is the person I want to share. The Linda who was on the mat last night is the part of me I want a lover to know because it is the very essences of who I am. This poem was born out of that desire to share this part of myself in the most intimate fashion. Hmmm, having a bit of a wild fantasy…. Maybe I could get Mr. Blue Eyes to practice Yoga by candlelight with me and then we can do some other things while it’s dark and romantic. Just a playful little thought…

I tried to find a photo of one woman doing yoga by candlelight but I didn’t like any of the images and I prefer Art to online photos. So, I went with Art I really liked as the image for this post even thought it is not Yoga or candlelight related.

Photo Credit:
Vidan Perugia

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  1. Dear Linda,
    Into days world it is absolutely refreshing to chance across in the jumbled lattice of e connectivity a person of your calibre and charisma.
    Articulated emotional honesty of the rigour and vigour that you bring in your communication is enchanting and enthralling blossom.


  2. Engaging charismatic word smith of subliminal prowess and significant elucidation of human emotions one looks forward to being able to get a signed copy of your first print Linda.


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