I Thank You – Love, Sex & Poetry

Pat_Erickson_Tutt'Art@_(8)I Thank You – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In loving submission
I weave my words
Of adoration
For the reigniting
The fire in my soul
And bringing
Wetness between my legs
You spark
Me to create
And breath fire
Into my belly
With your
Crystal eyes
That pierce into
My mind
Without words
You strip me naked
With your eyes
And stir arousal
In the very bottom
Of my soul
No words need
To be spoken
I feel the heat as you
Entwine your desires
Into my fantasies
You wrap your thoughts
Around my breasts
Penetrating me
To almost climax
And masterfully
Pull words of
Out of me
I thank you
Like a Ribbon
Tied to my waist
Your energy of desire
Hangs on my hips
And fills my body with
My creativity flows
To the top
Like molten lava
I must create
Spinning me slowly
Into sensual frenzy
You make me
Dizzy with desire
My body waits
And moans
With ultimate surrender for
When you orbit
My moon
Stand in the shadow
Of my energy
I feel you
I feel you
I write for you today
In thanks and gratitude
For reminding me
Of the erotic words
That flow effortlessly
Under your influence
Returning me to my soul
Your presence pushes me
To be better and
To create for you
I thank you
For inspiration
From the very depths
Of my being
To the very tips
Of my nipples
I thank you
From the
Pout of my lips
To the swirl of my hips
I thank you
I kneel before
The manhood
I desire and
Thank you
I thank you

(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: I recently downloaded “The Magic” by Rhonda Bryne. “The Magic” is a book about the Law of Attraction. “Magic” happens when we are grateful for everything in our life. If we focus on our gratitude for everything in our lives, things will shift and become effortless. The Gratitude exercise for Day three is relationships and/or people we are grateful for.

This poem is actually an expression of gratitude to Mr. Blue Eyes for sparking me to create and bringing forth these words from me. Writing poetry, especially Erotic Poetry, is my passion. I lost touch with it for a while. But in recent months the words are flowing and it makes me extremely happy. I feel like my writing is better now than it used to be and I know it is more genuine. I knew I would be remised today to do an exercise on gratitude for people and not include the person who reconnected me back to my lusty poetry. I am very grateful for the gifts of his inspiration and for our connection.

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