Under Your Command – Love, Sex & Poetry

imageUnder Your Command – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Think of me
Send me a message
So I know you are there
Whisper my name
Into the air
I need to
Breathe it into
My lungs
Think of me
Dear Sir
I want to feel
Your energy
Move through me
Touch me
I need to feel your energy
Surrounding me
I feel most alive
When your
Desires hang
On my nipples
As if a ring
Claiming them
As your prize
Quietly reminding me
I am yours
Oh please
My most agreeable
Kind Sir
I supplicate
To you
For the deepest
Pleasure of you
Sliding yourself
Between my legs
Pin your wildest fantasy
Into my vagina
And gratify
The lust that
Lives within me
For you
Only you
My most gentle Sir
Oblige me
With your passion
Burn it deep within me
I need you
At this moment
On this night
I need the attention
Of your thoughts
Blend your Alpha dominance
Through my most
Welcoming naked body
And live your fantasy
In my mind
I implore you
Dear Sir
Lay back and
Fantasize about me tonight
My body will feel
You touch me
In your thoughts
I beg you Sir
Let me climax tonight
By the brush
Of your thoughts
And sleep tonight
And under your command
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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