Permission – Love, Sex & Poetry


Permission – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Crossing my legs
Licking my lips
I’m on fire
Waiting for you
To claim
The passion
That I hold
Within me for you
Pull me into a room
Lock the door
Touch me
Press your manhood
Against my waiting body
And let me feel
Your passion for me
Run your fingers
Along the bottom
Of my skirt
Tease me
Unmercifully tease me
Until I beg
For your fingers
Between my legs
Slowly slide your hand
Up my leg to feel
My desire for you
Just as the
Rush of your touch
Brings me to edge of climax
Push me down
I’ll slide all the way
Down your body
My pulse quickens
Quickly I pull your zipper down
I must feel you
I must feel your passion
For me
As I take it
In my hands
My arousal
Drips down my legs
Pressing my face
Against your warm hardness
I look up into
Your beautiful eyes
Ask you for permission
To take your manhood
Into my waiting my mouth
To wrap my lips
Around your warm skin
To Taste you finally
On my knees
In front of you
I look up timidly
Into your beautiful eyes and
Ask for permission
To take you
Into my mouth
May I
Take you
Into my mouth?
I’m asking you for
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Today’s Erotic poem was actually a naughty little fantasy I was having all day long. As Mr. Blue Eyes moved past me, I heard his voice; it made me a little restless. I was wearing a Pencil Skirt with Stilettos heels today. Well, the fantasy went from there and started with “What if we just gave into it today? What would happen if we just gave into it today?”

The Daily Post’s Prompt today was about “Living Art” and what happens if your Art comes to life. I write Erotic Poetry, that is my Art. If my Art came to life today, this fantasy would come true. It would have made for a very interesting day and it would have made me extremely happy – really, really happy – in a multi-orgasmic kind of way. lol 🙂

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  1. Linda, submit this poem to the PittsburghFlashFiction. I think I’ll be able to publish it in July. I pay $5.00 for poetry. Be sure to read and follow the submission guidelines.


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