Holding on, Letting Go

Holding On, Letting Go
By: Linda A. Long

Soft and serious
Is my mind today
Not enough space
For the luxury
Of light and easy thoughts
Some days are like this
Some days are serious
Looking back on my life
I see missed opportunities
Things that could have been
If I only conformed
Things that might have been
If I settled
For what I knew was less
Than I wanted or deserved
At a place of reflection
I am not weighed down
By the complexities of regret
I am empowered
By my fortitude
To stand my ground
There have been many
Times in this life
I’ve stood alone
Times I stood up for myself
And walked away
From people and things
I knew weren’t genuine
I am not sad
That I left those
Things in the past
I am not lonely
For the life
I knew wasn’t authentic for me
I am grateful
For the experiences
That made me better and stronger
Trusting my instincts
I am now standing
Confidently in my
Authentic self without
Feeling the need
To explain myself
Without needing approval
Or validation
I am authentic
I now know peace within
From this place
I walk into
My future
With a greater capacity
To love and understand
From this new place of peace
I can be a source
Of support, strength and compassion
To those I love
Stepping away from
The noise of the crowd
I finally heard my own voice
And followed the beat
Of my very own soul
To peace
While some look back
With regrets
I look back with
The person I am today
Was molded by the
Experiences of the past
And shaped by
The difficult choices
I had to make along the way
Life is a series of moments
When we hold on
And when we let go
But it seems to me
Our true character is more
Reflected in how we
Handle the moments
When life calls us
To let go than
When we try to hold on to
Something that
No longer serves our well-being
It seems to me
The defining moments
In life
Are those when
We must timidly
Let go
And try something new
With nothing more
Than hope it will all work out
In those moments
We are our most
In those moments
We are also
Alive in our surrender
Holding on
Letting go
Holding on
Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
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Note: this heavy thought process has been rolling around in my head for days. I haven’t been able to put it into words until today. I am stuck at home waiting for an oven to be delivered. It’s quiet and I am enjoying my ocean view. I guess being still for a while I finally gave the heavy thoughts a chance to bubble to the top and be released. My life in recent years has been mostly about letting go. I think it’s good to reflect on the past and be thankful. This was my exercise in gratitude today. Gratitude for everything in my past that made me stronger, better, wiser and who I am today🙏❤️✌️👏🌹.

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