Heartbeat – Love, Sex & Poetry

imageHeartbeat – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s soft and low
Almost unnoticeable
But I hear it
I close my eyes
And hear
A heartbeat
The rhythm
Is playing in harmony
To mine own
Rhythmic beats
That grow in strength
Stronger each passing day
A heart is beating again
Full with joy and desire
Alive with possibilities
And potential
A heartbeat
Races with excitement
As it stands on the brink
Of something new
Open and exposed
But not afraid
Speaking its truth
Without hesitation
Finding freedom
In the release
It’s a heartbeat
That only I can hear
I hear it
I hear it beating again
A heart beats again
I feel the rhythm
As my own
Not close
But not far
It hangs between
My breasts
And licks
My nipples
With the
Kiss of desire
It tethers me
With no objections
To a kindred spirit
I offer my hands to
Rest your
Heart easy
In my palms
I promise
To care for it
As my own
And nourish
This new light
With the warmth
Of my very own body
Lay your
Against my own
And pump
New blood through
Our souls
It’s a heartbeat
I hear a heartbeat
A heartbeat
That is in harmony
With my own
A heartbeat

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Note: I don’t even know where this came from. It was just rolling around in my head today as I walked on the boardwalk and sat on the beach. I felt like I could hear a heartbeat. It sounded nice and made me happy.

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4 thoughts on “Heartbeat – Love, Sex & Poetry

  1. To the nymph of words and lady of brilliant imagination la belle Linda,
    Simply brilliant
    A beautiful piece of integrity, honour and honesty
    One is in awe of your potential


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