Soon – Love, Sex & Poetry


I actually wrote and posted this little story back on October 1,2013. I was reminded of it as I drifted in and out of lusty fantasies while sitting in meetings today. I would like to sit on the edge of my Secret Flirtation’s desk and read this to him sometime😉💋

Soon – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Lying back on his desk she spreads her legs and gently rests her black stiletto heels on his shoulders.

For months the sexual attraction between them lingered in the air whenever they were near each other. But today the brush of his hand against hers in passing set them on fire. Neither of them could contain the passion that exploded between them. Their eyes locked. Their lips touched. The electricity of his touch sent waves of arousal through her body and deep between her legs.

He pulled her sweater open and pushed her skirt up to her hips. His body shook with desire as he felt she wasn’t wearing any panties. In one swift motion he unzipped his pants and slid his self inside of her. Her moans got louder with each thrust. He placed his hand gently over her mouth and softly whispered “Shhh” in her ear.

Her orgasms came in a chain; each one was more intense than the last. The final one was so strong it pulled it out of him too. He softly collapsed onto her breasts in total surrender to this moment with her.

As the meeting came to a close they smiled across the table at each other. He had drifted off and had been fantasizing about her the entire meeting. As she was leaving the room, she brushed her hand against his in passing and smiled. There was something in the way she looked at him that made him wonder if she was fantasizing about him too the entire meeting.

Before she left the room, she looked back and whispered “soon” to him. It was that moment he knew for sure she would soon be his. He would soon touch her. For now they only met each other in their fantasies. But “soon” she would be his. “Soon” she would be his. It was just a matter of time.
(C) 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Another poem turned into short story. It took me a while to flesh this one out. I wrote it old school with pen and paper; scribbling out and throwing papers away.

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