The Fall – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Fall – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You’re taunting me
Teasing me
I’m trying to
Resist the flow
Of sexual energies
That is rising
I tell myself to
I force myself
To remain
Because I know
If I let go
I may let
All the way go
And act
On the impulses
My body has
When you
Hover around me
Taunting me
I swear you are
Taunting me
Teasing me
It’s our game
Of seduction
Sexual tensions
Bubbling just
Under the surface
I try to maintain
My sensibilities
But you taunt me
I love it
I love the way
You play with me
I would not care if I lost myself
It in a private moment
With you
I hold it back tightly
When others are near
I have to maintain
A little distance
But you play with me
You devilishly play with me
They can’t see
They can’t know
But I know you are
Playing with me
Teasing me
I feel it
Oh dear God
I’ve fallen for you
Loosening my grip
On the words
I feel the sensation
Roll over my body
I’m falling
I’m falling all the way
I don’t want to stop
I love the way you tease me
You haven’t said
It’s time yet
So I must
Pull myself back
And maintain some distance
As you circle around me
The words pop
Out in my thoughts
I whisper
I’m falling for you
Damn you
Taunting me
Dragging the thoughts
Of sex and desire
Right out of me
In the middle of a conversation
I swear you hear me
When I think sometimes
Synced up
Into each other’s minds
Do you see me falling into
Your beautiful eyes?
Do you feel me
Falling onto your chest
After sex?
Do you catch me
When I fall
All the way for you?
When I fall
All the way
Into your heart
You arouse me
Teasing me
Will you catch me
When I fall for you?
I’m falling
I’ve fallen
For you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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This Post was written for Today’s Daily Post Prompt. Page 29 of the cheap erotic book I looked at had the word “Taunting” on it. That caught my eye.

The poem is really just me trying to make sense of my thoughts from earlier today. It seemed like my “secret flirtation” and I had bad timing today. We just couldn’t sync up for any meaningful eye contact. But I did notice we were wearing matching outfits. So in that sense we were synced up😉

He was, however, near me talking a lot and I felt like it was almost taunting me or teasing me. I was trying very hard to resist because I find I just want to smile when he’s near me. 😊😊😊 Linda has no Poker face when it comes to Mr. Blue a Eyes but I try very hard to not give myself completely away. Long sigh…🙏💋😘😜👏✌️😉❤️

2 thoughts on “The Fall – Love, Sex & Poetry

  1. One is mesmerised by the candour of your commentary and is drawn in to the vortex of what is bubbling, simmering under the surface of everyday nonchalance.
    To be honest blossom with the vibes that you are emanating “Mr Blue Eyes” is either a) taunting or b) thick as a proverbial plank.
    And yes there is a degree of wistfulness in my thoughts
    Excellent writing


  2. Haha. You are funny. No, he’s very much aware of what’s going on between us. But maybe he didn’t know I was getting turned on by him being near me so much. It’s a complicated situation that I hope one day is not so complicated. It is what it is. 👍


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