The Prize – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Prize – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Through my thoughts
Into my mind
You appear
Without invitation
And immerse yourself
Into the private
Spaces of my spirit
Where I keep
My true desires
Between my breasts
I feel your presence
From a distance
As energy
Blending with mine
And forging
An unspoken bond
That ties you
To me
With streams of
Good intentions
Laying out
To bare
The heart
As a traitor
To the Mind
Of reason and caution
The heart
Jumps off the ledge
And floats
Into the truth
That is between us
The heart
Hears no words
Of caution
Nor respects the warnings
Given by my
Mind’s guardian
Reminding me
To be sensible
And remember
The reality
The heart
My pragmatic advisor
And leaves me
Awkwardly taken with
Our possibility
Leaving me
Standing on the edge
And looking down
How I ended up here
Like this
So unexpectedly
With my guard down
And surprisingly
Comfortable with
Being so exposed to you
I have no answers
I suspect the Guard
Turned a blind eye
When you entered
Into the secret space
Of my heart
And now
Occupy its territory
I recognize
That battle was lost
Day by day
Month by month
And now
My heart knows you
As you slowly
Win me over
Take my heart
As your prize
Take my heart
As your prize
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I did a Meditation for creativity and expression today that focused on opening the Fourth Chakra with Blue light. The Fourth Chakra is the Throat Chakra and keeping this Chakra free of restrictions is essential for any artist or creative person.

Per Deepak Chopra, The Mantra used for the Forth Chakra during meditation is “Om Shakini Namaha” – I activate my creativity.

Powerful stuff! It slowed my mind down and sparked this poem.✌️❤️🙏👏👍

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