Looking Down – Love, Sex & Poetry


Looking Down – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Did he see me
Did he notice
I couldn’t help myself
He was standing before me
I kept looking down
My thoughts kept
Going down
On him
I was trying
To control myself
But I couldn’t
He looked so cute
In blue
That’s my mojo
It’s back thank God
He brought it back
But now
Now it starts again
It’s been missing for a week
And now
At the very wrong time
Oh well
Now I am
Thinking about
Going down on him
Get it together
Did he notice
Where I was looking
No he’s looking straight ahead
Did he see me
Glancing at his waist
No, he’s focused
Did hear me
Lick my lips
No, he’s talking
I like his voice
Call me later tonight
Blue eyes
I want you to talk
To me tonight
I’ll moan for you
Stop Linda
Mojo later
Look up
Focus on his face now
Don’t look down
Just don’t look down
He looks very kissable today
Handsome and self assured
I want to kiss him
I’d like to be on my knees
In front of him
In front of him
Oh my goodness
I keep looking down
I hope he doesn’t
Make any eye contact
Look ahead
And I’ll keep looking down
I’m getting a little
Turned on by him
This is awkward
Very awkward
Not a good time
Focus on taking notes
That’s right
Look at his cute face
I’d like to run
My fingers through
That streak of grey hair
And hold it in my hand
While he licks me
While he goes down
All the way down
On me
I don’t think he noticed
I glanced down
His waist Is in front of me
I’m looking down again
Does he know
I keep looking down
My thoughts kept
Going down
On him
All the down
I couldn’t stop
Looking down
I’m going down
On him💋
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Note: Well, I had a bit of Writer’s block for the last week. I’m not really sure why. But I have my suspicions. Well, today Mr. Blue Eyes was standing in front of me talking to a group. I ended up in front not by choice but to help out with stuff.

Well, him standing in front of me & talking did the trick; it got my creative libido going. This poem is actually what I was thinking as I was innocently sitting there in front of a full room trying to control myself. Lol😉 I was laughing in my head while paying attention to the conversation.

I enjoyed the stimulation for many reasons. He sparked my mojo and my intellect. That’s why I like him. He’s smart. I like smart men. Well, it’s part of the reason I like him. I also like his confidence and I am totally turned on by his strong Alpha Dog personality. I like men who are in control – always have.

If he did notice me looking down, would I care? Probably not. It’s a mutual attraction. Maybe he would even like knowing I ENJOYED the view and he broke my writers block🙏✌️✏️😘. I am grateful to him✌️❤️😘

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