Lovers – Love, Sex & Poetry


Lovers – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s palpable
The tension
Between us
Is palpable
I feel it
Like a breeze
Blowing against
My nipples
Whenever we
Are near
No words
Are ever needed
I feel you
I know you
I want you
My nipples harden &
Point me
To you
To break free
My breasts
And feel the
Nuances of
My desire for you
Your beautiful eyes
Watching me
Remind me
That I am a woman
Who desires &
Lusts for
A man
My body cannot hide
It from you
I announce it to you
In the way
My hips swing for you
My body
Starts to move
Rhythmically for you
As my vagina
Readies for you
Opening like the flower
I wear in my hair
My body privately
Invites you
To touch
My bare leg
And make me shiver
With the stroke of arousal
Spurned through my body with
The cadence
Of your voice
You fan the flame
The intensity of our energy
Plays like a melody
That drifts from
Between my legs
And lays me openly
Against your chest
Running my hands over
Your body
I visualize myself feeling
Your energy
Under my touch
You make me purr
With awakened arousal
Only you know
What I am thinking
Only you know
What I am feeling
Only I know
You want me
Only I know
That one day
We will be lovers
Forming an alliance
Privately from the
Nakedness of my barest desire
To vulnerable recesses
Of your newly
Rejuvenated spirit
We strategize in unison
But still independently
We will be good together
In so many ways
Strong together
An alliance as deep
As it is erotic
Joined privately together
As You pass by
I turn my head and smile
Because I know
One day
One day
We will be lovers
I will be
Your lover💋❤️
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: It’s always interesting when I have a dirty little thought in the middle of my work day. I’ve had a few this week. Mr. Blue Eyes turning me on as usual with his shades of blue. Came home & immediately wrote this poem.

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  1. To the uniquely gifted enchanting bewitching seductress of subliminal brilliance one is transported to the intesity of your emotion with subtle grace and power.


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