Soft Blue Waters – Love, Sex & Poetry

IRINA soft blueSoft Blue Waters – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’ve been diving
Into the deep waters
Of contemplation
And reflection
To see the truth
And understand
When you floated
Under my heart’s radar
And took a place
In my life
I’ve been trying to
My feelings by
Retracing the timeline
Of our affections
How things changed
Between us
That day
We locked eyes
And we blushed
There is new comfort
With you
In my world
I thought
I needed to know
How, when, why
My fate spun
Around your hips
And changed me
Changed us
To better
Growing, changing, thriving
Changed us
To better
Understanding now that
It’s been your
Quiet influence
Enamoring me
That I rose to
New occassion
And revealed my secrets
I speak my heart’s desires
To you willinginly
Come swim
In the deep brown pool
Of my warm eyes
I will whisper
My desires
Into your heart
As I float effortlessly
On the soft blue waters
That glisten as
You smile at me
Refreshing myself
In your warm glances
I leave my rational
Thoughts to the side
And I willingly
Lose myself
In the uplifting words
That announce my desires
In the swing of my hips
And the pout of my lips
I joyful proclaim to you
I am sparked with creativity
By your energy near me
I am free
In my disclosure
I am free
Joyfully I lay a promise
On your soul
It’s my kiss
For you to hold
From the distance
That will be
Between us
Hold this kiss
Until you return
Take comfort in knowing
Something good is
Waiting for you
Something good is
Waiting for us
One the other side
When the time
Is right
Something good
Is waiting for us
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I needed to process some thoughts I was having today. These words came out as an unformatted journal entry. I decided to edit, rewrite a bit and turn it into a poem. It says everything I felt like my soul needed to say to another today. It was intuition that motivated this poem. Almost as if one soul was communicating with another to offer words of reassurance and another responded in kind with words of soft blue waters. That is why I try to respect my soul messages. They come from deep within. I trust my instincts and soft blue waters.

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