Friends & Lovers – Love, Sex & Poetry


Friends & Lovers – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I got flustered
I admit it
With you standing
In front of me
My head spun
When I looked
At you straight
In the eyes
I couldn’t help
But smile
I lost my focus
Got nervous
And wanted
To just stand up
And hug you
I wanted to kiss you
I almost forgot
Where I was
I pulled myself back
From the edge
Refocused my attention
On a task at hand
But all I want to do
Is be near you
As you walked away
My body called to you
Come back to me
And loose yourself
In my cleavage
As you walked away
From me
I wanted to follow you
Close the door
And press my body
Against yours
As you left
I remembered
Life is fragile
We are lucky
To have found this
In each other
Steady my nerves
With your hand
Hidden at the small
Of my back
Feel my body heat
Rise for you
But know
I am at peace
Because inside of me
I feel that one day
You will be my
Best friend
My lover
Best friend
So the next time
I’m a
Little nervous
Reassure me
In some way
It is just because
In you
I see the future
I wasn’t really looking for
It’s both exciting
And energizing to me
If I get
A little nervous
It’s because
I’m excited by
Your energy and drive
Know I am happy
I found you
For our ever deepening connection
To my future best friend
And lover
It’s so nice to
Have found you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: These words were on my lips all afternoon. I think they speak for themselves. Yep, I got a little flustered today. All I wanted to do was smile and kiss him. It cracked me up and made me feel like I was 17 instead of 47. 👍✌️❤️👏💋😘.

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