The Last Moment – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Last Moment
By: Linda A. Long

If you knew
It was the last time
You would look
Into someone’s eyes
Would you say
The words
That have laid
On your lips
And tell them
The tide in
Your heart rises
When they are near
Would you choke
Back your nerves
Fears and reservations
To be sure
They knew
You are breathless
In their presence
And sad when
They are away
If you knew
It was the last time
You would hear
Their voice
And see their smile
Would you
Walk out on the limb
And tell them
What you feel
And make sure
When they
Close their eyes
They know
They will take
A little bit of you
With them
Would you choke
Back your nerves
Fears and reservations
For the thrill
Of being alive
If this moment
Was the last moment
You would see their face
Would you
Grab their hand
And cherish
The final seconds
As years of lost
Flash before your eyes
If you knew
They felt the same
Way about you
Would you choke
Back your nerves
Fears and reservations
And finally
Rest your tender words
In their ear
Would you place
Your heart
Into their hand
Would you finally
Live in the now
Embrace this last
Moment with them
And say goodbye
Would you have
The courage to
Claim the love
You deserve
If you knew
It was the last time
Your lips could touch theirs
Would you
Kiss them
And live your life
Without regret
But with the passion
Of a heart ignited
By the flame
Of sweet desire
Would you choke
Back your nerves
Fears and reservations
Would you stop
Living in the future
And embrace the NOW
Would you let yourself
Have what you deserve
If you knew
Would you
Live in the now
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Note: I woke up this morning in the middle of a dream saying these words. I hopped out of bed to grab my iPhone. I wrote this in iPages while laying in bed. The words took about five minutes to come out. Some recent events in life gave me some time to think about the fragility of life. We’ve been trained in life to wait, to be patient, to be cautious and prudent. What if one day we chose to be reckless with our hearts and say how we actually feel. I don’t intend this to be just about lovers but about anyone who we love.

The other thing I was thinking today was how I watch so many of my friends who are raising their children to expect perfection and be entitled in life. I do not have children. Perhaps, I should not voice my opinions. But I think children should learn how to be happy and grateful when things aren’t perfect. They should be shown how to find peace and gratitude even when their dreams do not come true. They should be encouraged to live in the now, plan for the future and put people first. A child should learn to be comfortable and secure in their own company without needing constant activities and distractions. It makes me a little sad to see how parents run their kids around. They give no time just to lie back in the grass and look at sky or hang a fishing pole off the a dock. Children miss the opportunity to learn how to find peace in the quiet moments. We train them to be stressed.
But I guess a parent can’t teach what they don’t have within themselves.

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