Comfort – Love, Sex & Poetry

I originally wrote this post in February 2014. But I feel someone I care about needs the comfort of my words today. It was a rough day. This is for him.

Comfort – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Take some comfort
In my welcoming hips
And relax
Your body on
My soft skin
I will restore you
Slide into peace
Between my
Legs spread for you
They are here for you
Take a breather
Inside of me
Revitalize your spirit
As you quicken
The pace
Of thrusts
From you to me
I’ll brace myself
For your reinvigorated
Let my body
You passionately
I’ll make you
Feel better
Take some comfort
In me
I’ll stimulate you spiritually
In our secret interlude
Let me refresh you
My desire for you
Doesn’t sway
Take some comfort
And rest
Between my breasts
I’ll give you the boost
You need
Let me refresh you
Let me help you
Let me take care of you
Take some comfort
In me
In me
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NOTE:  Someone needing comfort was the feeling I was experiencing and that inspired this poem.

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