Tonight – Love, Sex & Poetry


Tonight – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want to think
Of lighter things
Of how
My back arches
And nipples
Harden when
Your energy
Is near mine
I want to
Lose myself
In the primal
Sexual tension
That drifts from
You to me
In the glance
Of your eye
I want
To leave
The heaviness
Of this week aside
And strip
Soul as bare
As naked body
And release
My feminine energy
On the tip
Of your lips
Escape with me
Into the comfort
Between my legs
The wetness
Between my thighs
Is the only
Reality we need
Slide into me
I need the release
Of your body
Inside me
Leave the heaviness
Of these days
Place yourself
In my arms
Let it all behind
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: It’s been a heavy week. I think Blue Eyes & I need a little sexual escape from reality soon😘💋✌️❤️😈

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