Naked Wednesday – Love, Sex & Poetry

Naked Wednesday
By: Linda A. Long

Spend the day
In bed with me
Spend the whole day
With me in bed
Be naked with me
For the whole day
Lose yourself
In the scent
Of my skin
Find yourself
In the warm
Valley of my cleavage
Be naked with me
For the whole day
Forget about
Your responsibilities
Don’t shave
Let me feel
Your rough skin
Against the
Inside of my thighs
Leave all of your
Inhibitions at my door
And be naked
With me
For a whole day
Lick chocolate sauce
Off of my nipples
For lunch
Eat whipped cream
From my vagina
For dinner
Lie back
And let me
Fuck you
For dessert
Let it all go with me
Let go
Of all the tension
You hold in your body
Let go of all the
Responsible thoughts
In your mind
I want you
To be in the moment
With me
Turn the phone off
And be naked
With me
Let me help you relax
I want to be
With you
All day long
I want you
To have me
From behind
At noon
Be in the moment with me
And be naked
With me
Spend the whole day
Inside of me
Watch the sun
Go down
Over my breast
And moon rise
On the curve
Of my ass
Let me feel you
Naked beside me
Lay your
Body on top of mine
I’ll pull the sheets
Over us
We’ll hide from
The world
Stay In bed with me
All day
Be Naked
Be naked with me
For a whole day
Me & you
All day😉
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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There are so many fun ways to enjoy a day off from work. But I think a Naked Wednesday would be most enjoyable. If nothing else, it’s a great fantasy. Lol👍😘💋😉😈

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