Mark Of Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry


Mark Of Desire – Love , Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want to
Bite into you
Like an apple
I want the
Juice of your kiss
To run down
My chin
And leave a trail
For you follow
Into my cleavage
I want to
Bite your earlobe
As I passionately
Kiss you
From head to toe
I want you
In my mouth
I want to
Bite your shoulder softly
As you thrust
Into me with the
Conviction of a man
Who desires a woman
I want to mark
You with my desire
So you can see
My lust for you
And remember
The way my body felt
In your arms
Under your body
I want you
To see my mark
On your shoulder
And remember
My passion for you
Remember the look
In my eyes
Remember the sound
Of my voice
Remember I desire you
When you are away
From me
I want to leave a mark
I want to mark
You with my desire
© 2014 Linda A. Long –All Rights Reserved
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Note: It’s funny sometimes how an image can spark an fantasy. I had the photo attached to this post in my Photo Stream. I may have used it on a previous post. I know I’ve used work from Tony Pavone before. I like his style. Anyways, I caught a glimpse of the photo as I was organizing photos into albums on my Photo Stream. As soon as I saw it I immediately had a flash of biting into Mr. Blue Eyes shoulder while having sex😉💋.

After writing about a lot of heavy stuff lately, it was a relief to get back to having a dirty mind and writing Erotica👍👏💋😘.

Life is getting back to normal. The only things I thought about today were sex, writing Erotica and whether or not it’s ok to rent instead of buy my Dream Home because I can afford $1.5 Million. Hmmm…..I ❤️ days like today. ❤️😉😘💋🌹😈

Photo Credit
Tony Pavone