Penned Desire -Love, Sex & Poetry


Penned Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In a secret message
Penned from me to you
I delivered
My passion
Like oxygen to your lungs
I breathed into you
A promise
That this passion
Is yours to keep
It does not
Wax and wane
It’s steady and constant
I penned a message
To you with my nipples
Hardened by the muffled
Sound of your voice
Drifting softly out to me
Churning the juice
Between my legs
I sealed my secret message
To you with my nectar
I wet my finger
And brushed it against your lips
Take a taste before you leave me
Taste the lust that
Will be here for you
When you return
I brushed your lips
With my nectar
To nourish you before you left
Secretly you spoke to me
Of the lust
That dances in your eyes
Within my reflection
You spiral around me effortlessly
Pulling the bondage
Of lust tighter against my skin
Burning me
Possessing me
Dominating me
With the courage of your thoughts
You take the
Essence of my womanhood
With your commanding spirit
I feel your desire for me
As if I feel the breeze
Blow against my skin
I feel your body
Calling to mine
You secretly pen to me
In the privacy of our moments
From only you to me
For no else to know
In clandestine
You say my name
I whispered to you
As you left me
I called to you
With conviction
I remain
Constrained by your desire
Until you return to set me free
In the swirl
Of energy
You will have me tonight
Before I drift into slumber
It will be your hand
I feel between my legs
It will be your spirit that
Will move through me
As I bring myself to orgasm
I pen you a secret message of desire
I scribe it with my nipples
And seal it with
The wetness between my legs
Stamped with my orgasm
I send you
My lust and desire
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I wanted to follow someone out the door & press myself against him just to give him something to remember me by before he left 😦 👎lol 😉 Maybe next time. Lol 😄😘💋.

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