Seductively Yours – Love, Sex & Poetry


Seductively Yours – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’d like to
Seduce you
With my words
So you
Have something
To hold on to
And remember
I’d like to
Tell you with my eyes
That there’s a shift
In the air
When we are
Near each other
I want to seduce you
With you
The sway of my hips
As you walk behind me
I want to
Seduce you
In little ways
So you know
Desire is yours
The art
If my body
Revealing my soul
To yours
Spreading my legs
In your mind’s eye
As I pass by
Listen closely
To the message
Floating from the swing of
My full hips
Pay attention
To the subtle nuances
Of how my
Body language changes
When you are near
Notice my breasts
As they are more alert
Offering you
A bite
A nibble
To hold you over
Until we touch
I’ll seduce you
In our every day lives
Opening your mind
To entertain the possibilities
Of pure desire
We tie our future together
Seductively with me
Let’s never lose
The thrill of our desire
Or the passion
Of our exchange
Stay with me
Seductively yours
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