In This Life – Now & Always – Love, Sex & Poetry

In This Life – Now & Always – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Put your burdens
On my shoulders
I am strong enough
To help you
I’ll Carry them
In my heart
I’ll hold your secret
Don’t spare me
The details
Or worry alone
I’m here for you
I want to ease
The heaviness
Pressing down on you
I know things
Are difficult
I want to help you
I want to be
Your supporter
Your ally
But mostly
I want to be
Your friend
I feel your worries
Pull me
Close to you
And let me
Hold you
I want to
Hold you tightly
So that my
Full breasts press
Against your chest
And you feel
The warmth of my body
Let it nourish you
I can’t make
These decisions for you
I can only
Be a steady stabilizing
Influence for you
During a time of
Change and uncertainty
I desire you
As a lover
My body is your playground
But, it’s so much more that
Our connection is so much
Deeper than my cleavage
It’s brighter than
Your beautiful eyes
It’s genuine and authentic
It is a life force
For us to reckon
I want the best for you
I will always
Want the best for you
I want you to have peace
I want you to breathe clean air
And know
I am your friend
I am your ally
I am your supporter
I want what is for your highest good
In this life
Your highest good
If you need me to be
Your lover, friend & life partner
I will be that
But, if you need to
Remain where you are
I will respect and honor that too
I want what’s for your highest good
I want what is best for you
Whatever brings you peace
Is what I want for you
I am mature enough
To accept if it’s not me
And woman enough
To step up
Look you in the eye and
Proclaim my heart’s truth to you
Eye to eye
Without hesitation
It is possible
For this to happen
Like this
It is possible
For something this strong
To grow over time
And weave our hearts together
Because I care about you
I want
What is best for you
I want
Whatever is for
Your highest good
In this life
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: When a secret flirtation grows and becomes more than just a flirtation, it leads to choices and changes. The most important words I could ever say to my “Secret Flirtation” is that I want what is best for him – In this life – now & always – even if that is not me. I hope it’s me. I pray to God it’s me. I want it to me. But, choices are heavy. Burdens are real in life and I won’t make anything harder for him. If he wants to rest in my arms, my body will be his haven and our connection will be his nourishment. I’ve always believed in the beauty and strength of unconditional love and I still do.

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