Soundtrack Of Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry


Soundtrack Of Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I say
As I open the door to
My condo
Candlelight flickers softly
As you step
Through the door
There’s a light smell
Of Lavender & Sage
In the air
Calming the senses
Smoothing out
The rough anxious
Edge you become
Accustomed to living with
You notice
The soft mellow
Music playing
In the background
You think quietly
“It’s peaceful here”
I invite you
To sit next to me
On the sofa
Talk to me
Tell me everything
Ask me what you
Need to know
Share what
You want my heart
To hold for you
We both recognize
This moment
This night
As the fork
In the road
Of our journey together
Choosing to
Walk a path
We make a plan
You seal our bond
With soft kiss
On my lips
Every smoldering
Embers of desire
I have for you
Into an inferno
As the soundtrack
Of my desire
Plays in the background
Make love to me
Savoring each second
We are together
Taking our time
Lost in the
Lost in each other
Lost in the
Soundtrack of desire
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Note: My favorite type of music is slow romantic soul music from the 70s. I have one Playlist on my iTunes just for that style of music. While listening to it as I was driving, I was thinking about this fantasy that I wrote out in the above poem. Here are a few of my favorite songs:

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