Sleeping Nymph – Love, Sex & Poetry

Sleeping Nymph – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While I’m sleeping
You will be
Close enough
For me
To smell
The scent
Of your skin
As I slowly drift
Into our world
We meet
Across the miles
In my dream state
You are
Near me
My body
Is open wide
For you
In this alerted state
I see myself secretly
Sliding my foot
Up your
Pant leg
Under the table
As you eat dinner
As my eyelids dance
In REM sleep
I’ll crawl under the table
And slowly
Take your cock
Into my hands
Your hardness
Is ready for me
I’ll wrap my mouth
Around you
For just a moment
As I sleep
I feel you
fantasize about me
The intensity
Of your thought energy
Makes me wet
I wake up
In the middle
Of an orgasm
God damn it
What are doing to me
Your telepathic energy
Makes me feel
Like a sex starved nymph
Aroused and wide awake
Losing myself
In a fantasy
You leave me
Laying here
For you
To meet in
A fantasy
Will you
Touch me
As I lay
In bed restless
With lust for you
Will you
Your dinner and drift
For a moment
Into my warm
And ready for you
Will you
Excuse yourself
Into privacy
And lay naked
In a fantasy
With me
Think about me
While you
Hold your cock
In your hand
Travel across
The miles to me
Answer my
To meet me
In a fantasy tonight
Your body
To mine
Through your thoughts
I’ll be waiting
For you
Close your eyes
We can be together
Together tonight
I’m naked
And waiting
For you
I’ll be your
Sleeping nymph
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I’ve had some intense dreams and fantasies this week. I feel like it’s coming from my Secret Flirtation. Having strong intuition has it’s benefits. It’s turning me into some kind of nymph in my dream state & fantasy life❤️😈. I actually woke up in the middle of the night thinking about sex👍. Apparently geographic location doesn’t impede our sexual attraction👍

The artwork on this post is titled “Sleeping Nymph.” It made me smile because I can relate👍😈😄❤️💋
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Theodore Chasseriau – Sleeping Nymph

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