Love Affords No Guarantees – Love, Sex & Poetry

Love Affords No Guarantees – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There’s a change
Coming on the horizon
I feel the Earth
Shifting beneath my feet
It’s making me dizzy
The visions
Are making me nauseous
I feel it coming
It’s rising
Up in me
Pulling me to
The very center
Of my soul
Forcing me to answer
The most important
My heart
Will ever ask…
What would you
Do for love Linda?

I feel the weight
Of the question
Pressing on my chest
It’s choking me today
Hanging in the air
Challenging me
Confronting me
Calling me out
Like a fucking
Child on the school yard
It screams at me
With complete clarity
In this authentic moment
I hear it
Loud and clear
My heart demands
An answer
To its question…
What are you willing
To do for love Linda?

Coyly I play the
Game of semantics
Love? Who said it’s love?
Sexual attraction without doubt
Like without question
But who is calling this love
I feel?
If you are forcing me
To answer your question,
Well, answer mine first
Who called it love?
How could it possibly be?
How could that have happened?
And if it did,
Remind me to beat the shit
Out of the Goalie that
Let that one slip by
Into the net
Answer my question, Linda…
What would you do for love?

Why do I need to answer?
Why me?
Why do I need to say “it” first?
What if it’s not true?
What if it is just like?
What if I overwhelm
Him with
The intensity
Of my emotions?
And answer the question…
What would you do for love, Linda?

In a soft quiet voice she
Spoke her truth and said,
I would say it first
I would look right in his eyes
Push my fears aside
I would steady my nerves
I would man-up
And admit
My heart belongs to him
I would say
I know there are
Possibilities for growth &
Change on the horizon for him
I want what’s best for him

Free falling
I fell so fucking hard
I knocked the
Sense right out of head
What the fuck?
I feel the free fall

I would blurt out
But I just found you…
As tears well
In my eyes
I just found you…
What would you
Do for love, Linda?

The question
Rests heavy
On my heart
Anxiety held me captive
I could only breathe
When I saw his face
This afternoon
Then I knew
What I would do for love
Then I said
Stroll up in here
While I’m having
An existential crisis
Fuck you
Awe, but
You look really cute today
Wanna make out?
With fists in the air
I let go
And silently screamed
It really wasn’t pretty
Not pretty at all

She gained her composure
And thought…
In a private moment
With my soul laid bare
To his beautiful eyes
I would say it out loud
To him
I would sing it – out of key
I sing like crap
I would whisper it in his ear
I would move
I would move
If he wanted me
To go with him
I would leave my
Ocean view behind
And go wherever
He goes
I would start over
Somewhere new
With him
If he wanted me to
That’s what
I would do for love

I am not afraid
That’s my truth
He doesn’t have
To leave me behind
I would go with him
If the time was right
And he wanted me to go
I would
Yes, I would
Take a chance on love

If the opportunity is presented to him
He will not lose me
He doesn’t have to choose
I would go with him
That’s what I would do
For love

I would change
I would let go
I would start over
I would trust my instincts
And free fall into love
Love affords no guarantees
But I would take a chance
For the sake of having
No regrets

If he needs to know
What would I do
For love
I would put
My hand in his
I would rest
My faith
In his warm eyes
I would give my
Heart to his
I would start over
Somewhere new
With him
That’s what I would
Do for love
I can breathe again

But I still think
He’s a God damn bastard
Because I wasn’t looking
For this
I just thought he was cute
And wanted to fuck
And now
Well, now…
I’m willing to take chance
On love again
Fuck me
Here I go again…
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Let me first apologize for the strong language content of this Poem. I curse😈 So does my Mom and we are all good with being Lady-like and shit like that. I’m a city girl😉

I had a pretty strong case of anxiety today. This freaking question kept coming back to me “What would you do for love?” It was driving me crazy because I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Shut up already, will ya? I need some peace. The anxiety didn’t leave me until I gave in and really thought about it. I needed to answer the question. Now I know what I would do for love. I know if he needs me to say it, if he needs to hear it, if he needs me to own it, I’m woman enough to do it.

But I believe life is a mirror. Perhaps, what’s been working on me has also been weighing on his mind. Maybe he should pull the thread to the question and find out what he would do for love, if that’s what it is…still not conceding that one. My Mom told me to always go down swinging. Lol😉

Perhaps, it’s time we live in honesty. Would he be willing free fall with me? Would he be willing to let go of what he knows for something that affords no guarantees? Would he show up at my door with his heart in his hands knowing that I’ll keep it safe for him? Would he take a chance for me, in me and with me? What would he do for love?

This poem is called “Love Affords No a Guarantees. That is line from the Lenny Kravitz song, “Heaven Help”. Check out the video. It’s one of my very favorite songs and really touched my heart today❤️

3 thoughts on “Love Affords No Guarantees – Love, Sex & Poetry

  1. Well damn you Linda you have made me think with the cerebral rather than an appendage….
    Extremely evocative, provocative and compelling prose which highlights the profound complexity of that word love.
    One feels and senses there is more to come.


  2. Blossom do not apologise for your honesty and desire to explore with the written word.
    You are a rare gem of brilliance, transparency and innate honesty.
    In fact it adds immeasurably to your charisma as a human being, woman and wordsmith of untapped potential.


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