Legacy – Love, Sex & Poetry

Legacy – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My poetry
A legacy
Of written
That will be
Of our story
My words
Capturing the
First moment
Your eyes
Gave rise
To passion
In my soul
My verses
Weaving our
Hearts together
One day
One moment
At a time
Sex poetry
For you
In seduction
My lust
Off my hips
Desire dancing
In my eyes
My heart
Opens to you
In poetry
Like a kiss
On your lips
My words
Leave a mark
In your soul
My heart
Listens to yours
And writes
Our story
In these words
For once
In my life
I understand
What I am choosing
And write
Now is not a time
For me to be guarded
Not with you
Not now
For once
I am not
To reveal
What I’ve
Concealed from others
I will
Show you
Without trepidation
See me
In these words
Understand the
Way my heart beats
As you read
Of sex and love
Know my wild heart
And remember
These words
We’re written for you
Written for you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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First, I just love the artwork on this post. It’s different and I really like it. I am so jonesing for an art weekend in NYC. It’s been a while since I went up and strolled around town going in and out of Art Galleries. 😄

I can’t say one particular thing sparked this poem. I was thinking recently that I am romantic by nature. I am passionate by nature. Reading my blog and this poetry tells my story. It lays my heart out to be seen. Yet, That doesn’t prompt caution in me. Knowing I’m writing genuinely what is in my heart and soul actually brings me refuge, escape and relief. I share these private thoughts and feelings as a way to free what’s in my heart. My poetry is my art and a legacy.

With each passing day MBE’s influence(who by the way looked REALLY HOT today-if only we could have made out. I, for one, would have enjoyed today more if we made out in the late afternoon😉 lol😈🔑💋)… I digressed, feeling his energy around me prompts more authenticity from me because I feel pure acceptance without judgment. It’s easy to be transparent when you don’t fear being seen. It’s actually quite liberating and quite lovely❤️.

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