Regretfully, Reluctantly – Love, Sex & Poetry

Regretfully, Reluctantly – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You pulled
The edges of my heart
And opened
Them just wide enough
To slip yourself inside
Without me even
You were in there
I find myself
In this precarious situation
I am
Opening my heart
All the way to you
And inviting you in
Come in
From the cold
I’ll take care of you
After struggling with myself
The hows and whys
Of you and me
I realized
There really isn’t
Any point
Of me trying to
Resist it
It seems
I miss you
When you are away
I think about you
When we are apart
I worry about you
When you travel
And look forward
To your return
Yep, the evidence
Points in only
One direction
I must admit
You cracked my heart open
Like a Walnut
And now my affection
For you
Grows deeper and truer
With time
What is it about you
That makes me
So Willing to show you
All of me
Even the parts I
Secretly withheld
From other men
I want you to see them
It blows me away sometimes
How is it possible
How is this happening
How do I need you
More than I ever
Planned on needing anyone
Why do i want you
Only you
To know my truest self
I surrender
I lay down
The shield to my heart and
Open myself up
To the journey
Of love
And all its complexities
I need you to know
I want you
I need you
And I think I could be
I’m not sure but
I think I could
Fall in love
With you
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Note: I thinking about this poem and “my secret flirtation” while drumming yesterday. ❤️ Drumming stirs up some sexual energy so I am not surprised he came to mind😉 It was originally planned to be a sex poem but it shifted into a different direction .

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