The Journey Of Me – Poetry

The Journey Of Me – Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Pieces of a dream
Wash up on
The shore of
My soul
Flooding me
With reflections
Of less complicated times
When the world
Was open
Full of promise
Looking back
In acknowledgement
Of lost opportunity
Of risks never taken
Of words never spoke
Of people
Who I held so tightly
And now
In the truth of today
Seeing who held
Me back
What events changed my fate
How I survived day to day
Rather than lived
If only I could take
Today’s wisdom
And go back
Chose again
The right way
Take the chances
I knew I deserved
Would I
Let go of my
To my family
And pursue
My dream
My passion
Standing as a
47 year old woman
I look at my young self
Me before
Life happened
I hold
Her tightly
I love
Her dearly
And I
Allow the tide
To wash her back
Out sea
She’s is not part
Of my life now
I’ve changed
I’m stronger
I’ve reclaimed
My soul
As my own
I took possession
Of my mind
I’m creating my destiny
With each thought
I am create my life
Standing magnificently
In my own splendor
I Know myself
I own myself
I choose something bigger
For myself
Fully engaged
Totally actualized
From the width of
My hips
To the full expression
Of my nipples
I am woman
I am a creator
I create
My life
I create
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Took a moment to reflect on my life. This poem came out of my reflection.

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