Garden Of Passion – Love, Sex & Poetry

Garden Of Passion – Love, Sex & Poetry
For your enjoyment
I bare entrance
To my secret garden
Of passion
That lies
In the warm moisture
Between my waiting thighs
Revealing my
Lush meadow of
Sumptuous delight
You’ve taken root
And spread your
Unspoken desire
From the lusty
Shadows of my mind
Down to the
The color of Red
Passion on my toes
You pass me
My garden grows
By your nourishment
And the synergy
Of like minded
You feed me
Nourishing me with
The closeness of
Your energy and
The warmth of your eyes
My secret garden
Of arousal is
Open to you
For your gratuitous
With expectancy
Enter my garden
Tend to my
Wildest initiatives
Prune the breathe
Of passion
Of your wild
Free spirited flower
And keep me alive
With the gentleness
Of your soul’s
True character
Enter my garden of
Passion and desire
My amenities
With the dominance
Of a man
Claiming my hips
I open to you
Dig into my soil
And pick your fruit
Wet your lips
With the succulent
Juice of my flowers
If you Nourish me with
With desire and the
Gentleness of your soul
My garden of
Will forever be for
Your enjoyment
It will be your garden
Of passion and

(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I was struck by the painting. I saw her standing this way as something I would do to invite my MBE to come inside😉. Sometimes nothing is right in my world until I write an erotic poem to get the mojo going. But I also felt a strong sense of someone needing TLC. I hope this offering is a blend of both erotic desire and genuine affection.

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