Lying In Wait – Love, Sex & Poetry

Lying In Wait – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. long

I am
A Lioness
Lying in wait
Under the cover
Of darkness
Looking for my prey
To feed the hunger
And nourish
The restless desire
I feel the
Wind change directions
As he circles
The perimeter
Of my secret
Space of lust
And desire
I smell
The scent
Of his skin
Drift in the air
As he moves
From side to side
Teasing me
Stroking me
Fanning the flame
Of our mutual desire
My legs
Spread out of instincts
As he stands
In the aura
Of my energy
I want to
Place his hands on
My breasts
And make
My nipples hard
With lust for him
Crossing my legs
To control
The appetite
Growing between
When he is near me
I’m thirsty
Reach up
My Lion
Hear me
Moan your name
Licking my lips
As I imagine
Just a taste
Of him
In passing
In the dark shadow
I suck on him
And taste
His passion for me
By the command
Of his
Dominant desire
I relinquish
Of our
Sexual journey
To my Lion
Enjoy the
Way he plays
With me
Licking my lips
Feeling the heightened
Sexual response
Of my body
I taste him
Only just a nibble
Until he is free
To covet the
Lioness he craves
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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“The Red Corset”
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