Private Exchanges – Love, Sex & Poetry

Private Exchanges – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You are
No further away
Than the beat
Of your heart
That I hear
In my ear
Like an African drum
I sync the
Movement of my hips
To the rhythm
Of your soul
That melts
The edges of my
Mind with images
Of my hand
Laying on your chest
To steady my own
And strengthen
My ability
To hear you
Without words
Blocking out the noise
Ignoring the interference
Shutting out the chatter
Of those surrounding us
I can tie into you
Nourishing both of us
With unbridled
And affection
For the connection
Of genuine souls
The echo
Of your
Soul’s vibration is
Faint in the distance
Between us
Still distinguishable
In my own experience
I close my eyes
And silence
The noise around me
To hear you
Like sweet tender
Music to my ear
I hear you
I hear the beat
I feel your vibration
I close my eyes
For just a moment
To breathe in
The energy
Of your thoughts
In my soul
As nourishment
Sent to me
Through time
Arousal of my soul
You tap into
The natural gifts
I offer with ease
And I am
Comforted with you
Being in my
Daily experience
I open myself to you
Without hesitation
I intuitively know
You see me
Without illusions
Yet I offer no resistance
In the exposure
Instinctively I sense
My vulnerabilities
Are safe with you
And what Is shared
Between us
For only for us to share
It’s in the privacy
Of these deeply
Personal exchanges
We earn each other’s trust
Slowly growing
Over time
Deepening with
Intimate knowledge
Of me
I welcome you into
My world
And offer your
Weary spirit
Comfort and rejuvenation
In the privacy
Of my words written for you
Sent on the
Winds of change
Bringing us closer
Together over time
Trusting you intuitively
I lay down
Any amour I falsely
Held between us
And invite you
To see me
In the privacy
Of our exchanges
Written in these poems
I reassure you
Of my affection
And remind you
A true genuine heart
Awaits your return
Yet still hears
The beat of your soul
Like an African drum
My spirt syncs to yours
And sways in tandem
To the breeze
Of your Energy
Sent from you to me
You ask me to
My soul
Willingly I strip naked
And stand exposed to you
Exposed and vulnerable
I reveal myself to you
In the privacy of my words
Written in poetry
That I lay on your heart
Life an African drum
The rhythm of our
Souls beating in tandem
Like the wild Infectious beat
Of an African drum
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Some idiot’s car alarm woke me up at 1:30am this morning. It was going off for a solid hour👎I was annoyed 😡 I decided it would best for me to relax instead of throwing a brick through their window 😉 So I focused on something fun which was MBE💋😘That made me think of sex, passion and desire and sparked this poem😈💋❤️By the way, I never fell back to sleep👎 I am exhausted and going to bed shortly 😴😴😴😴😴😴

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