Daydreaming – Love, Sex & Poetry

Daydreaming – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While you are daydreaming
Drift into my space
And secretly
Taste the
Pout of my lips
Moistened as you
Linger around me
As you drift
Away from the
Task at hand
Enter my aura
As a man
Needing to
And control
The woman
That owns your desires
As you take a break
From the chatter
Be in silence
With me
In this
Parallel universe we create
With our thoughts
Connected Metaphysically
Messages Passed
With intention
Questions asked in privacy
While you
Sit back and rest your eyes
For just a moment
Fuck me
And release into
Me your passion
Recharge me
With your
Penetration of my mind
Ravish me
And take
Every bit of energy
Out of my
Moist center
Feed yourself
Between my legs
In this moment of release
Let go of the pressures
Fly into the center
Of my soul’s fire
With the brute force
Hidden behind your
Soft tender eyes
Hearing the voices
Around You
But you only want me
In your mind today
I’m naked
With my legs spread
Wide on my bed
Your rough touch
Hardens my nipples
As my arms pull you
Deep Into my center
Deep into the center
Of my body’s fire
You penetrate me
Come inside me
Take a break
Inside me
I’m waiting for you
To meet me in
Our space
And touch me
The way
You want to
You see me
The way I see you
I am starting to wonder
If you sense me
The way I
Sense you
I think you know
How to connect with me
Without words
It sets my body on fire
Being exposed to you
It is my aphrodisiac
My kindness dominant
While you’re sitting
There managing
Our world
Daydream with me
Tap into the gifts
You now know I have
Give me what
I need from you today
And Fuck me
Just fuck me
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I was lying on the sofa this afternoon with my eyes closed. I was feeling very relaxed and drifting off a bit when I got an image of MBE perhaps needing a little break from reality today. And I felt like “Adult Play” was the best way to help him release some pressure & unwind today. I indulged the sensation and used it as a spark to this poem.

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