Dearest Lover – Love, Sex & Poetry

Dearest Lover – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Pardon me
My Dearest lover
Do you
Have a minute
To nurture your
Faithful confidante
I need your spiritual consul
My dearest lover
I know you are busy
I’m sorry to interrupt you
It’s just that
Well, I need you
In my recluse
I’ve notice your absence
And now
My heart is full
With the
Brilliance of your eyes
And my mind flashes
Images of you
Needing my return
To settle your
Restless spirit
No worries
My gentlest lover
You’ve been dancing through
My mind with heavy feet
Making sure I hear you
Making yourself known
You miss me
The way I miss you
I’m embarrassed
To admit
Your presence
Your energy
Circling around me
Is distracting me
So much
I’m losing my composure
It’s taking every
Ounce of self restraint
Within me
To keep my legs closed
I look forward to when you are near
Because the sound of your voice
Makes me wet
With desire
It’s just that
In your beautiful eyes
I see a conspirator
To my soul’s journey
In you I see
A mirror
Showing me
The best in me
Through your eyes
I’m reflected truthfully
Our connection
Woke a sleeping Tiger
Within me
It broke me free
I am better with
You in my life
I want you
Near me
The spiritual nature
Of our journey together
Well, frankly
It stimulates my body
On a primal level
It ignites
The fire in my belly
It wets my lips
With pulsating desire
It pinches my nipples
With pure
Lust for you
My dearest lover
So Sorry I interrupted
Your busy day
I just needed you to know
My soul seems
To be synced to yours
Like we are both
Hearing the beat
And moving in tandem
Can you feel it?
It moves in the air
When we are near each other
And we are apart
It’s like the beacon
On a lighthouse
Leading me back
To you
To this connection
That stimulates my mind
Arouses my body
And compliments
My soul
With stabilizing
In you
I see someone
Who is good for me
And I find
That incredibly
Sexy and attractive
So sorry
For interrupting
You in the middle of the day
Is it crazy to ask you
To take a break
From your work
And give me the
Attention I crave
My sexiest of lovers
Nourish me
With your body and
Lay me across
Your desk
And fuck me
I need to feel you
Inside of me today
Dearest lover
Sorry for the interruption
But I’ve returned
With wetness between my legs for you
And I was wondering
If you had some time today
To fuck me
I’ve missed you
I’ve missed you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I took a break this week. I really took a break – from work, life, people and family. I disconnected from everything and everyone. I totally took all the pressure off of myself. As my “break” approaches the end, I see how I needed this break I afforded myself this week more than I even realized for a few reasons.

Well, apparently absence does make the heart grow fonder ❤️ After taking a week to myself and disconnecting a bit from everything and everyone, I find myself needing MBE’s energy near mine. I need to feel the vibrational pull of his eyes to mine. I need to feel his passion ignite mine. I guess I have to admit I miss him and want him more than I even realized. Funny, how you don’t realize the subtle ways you need or want someone until you disconnect from them a bit. If he was at all worried that he would be out of sight and out of my mind, well he can rest easy. He still seems to carry a piece of my heart with him❤️👍

As I was approaching the break last week, I found myself becoming increasingly more frustrated with a professional situation and starting to offer resistance and pushing too hard. That usually happens when I feel things aren’t moving forward in the speed that suits me. It was causing me some unhappiness.

The hardest lesson for me to learn in recent years is to relax into the flow instead of forcing the flow. It’s ok to direct the flow a little but resistance and force always brings opposition. I needed to step back and see the bigger picture. I feel that some are too busy looking at the trees that the don’t see the Forrest in front of them. But, what I see now is that both views can be beneficial. I need to trust things are in good hands and let it go a bit. Not easy for a goal-oriented driven individual to do😉 But my intuition is telling me to trust someone now. Not sure I would have seen this or felt this without disconnecting from it this week.

I didn’t realize how much I needed the break from everything physically. For the first half of the week I slept almost 12 hours every night and took naps every day😴 I stopped resisting it, gave in and listened to my body. I went with the flow. My body needed rest – Period👍 By Thursday morning, I felt the return of my energy and was able to get off the sofa for more than two hours without needing a power nap. Lol👍 I definitely needed to sit on the charger for a while and I did it this week😄 I’m charged up and ready to go😄

I also needed some time off to work on a labor of love and organize my “Lovingly, Nap” project. I learned a lot about my grandfather, Nap, this week. In him I feel a kindred spirit. Out of five kids I’m the only one in love with the sea just like Nap. The ocean called his name just like it calls mine. By dialing down all the noise this week, I’ve been able to hear the subtle guidance coming from his “Spirit”. Tuning in like this also strengthens my own Intuitive gifts and ties me into the story on a deeper level. I’m not sure where this project will take me. All I know is telling his story and preserving his postcards and pictures of the U.S. Navy from 1913-1927 is a spiritual contract I made with him and I will honor it.

My Mother always tells me that things happen in “God’s Time” not my time. I remember telling her one day, “Well, tell your friend God to GET IT MOVING!” She laughed and said, “You know, you’ve been like this since the day you were born. Always on the move. No wonder you wear yourself out.”
Profound and insightful words right there. Yes, I’m always on the move in one way or another. That’s why I occasionally hit the wall like I did this week. I was exhausted on so many levels and I didn’t even know it. This is something I will work on in the future. For now, I will acquiesce to the gentle calling of a lusty midday encounter fantasy and enjoy my last day of rest by nurturing myself. I’m cooking/food prep for the week & watching movies 😄❤️👍💋🌹

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