Turn The Key – Love, Sex & Poetry

Turn The Key – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Standing on the edge
Of my thoughts
You weave yourself
Into my day effortlessly
I stop to acknowledge
Your presence
In my experience
I feel you
As if you are
Right next to me
I would like
To see your face
It’s a nice face
I would like to
Hear your voice
It’s a nice voice
You may be away
But you are still with me
I am still with you
Standing in the present
But having
Sights and intentions
Set for the future
I ask you
To trust my vision
And know a
True genuine soul
Awaits your return
Tune into
My heart’s frequency
And feel your own
Destiny in the vibration
It will sustain you
I give you
The key to my
I give you
Permission to
Unlock my deepest
Most erotic fantasies
For your enjoyment
Turn the key
See my cleavage
In your mind’s eye
It will distraction you
From the tediousness
Of your task
Imagine your hips
Pressed against mine
And feel
The heat waiting
For you between
My legs
Rest easy
Blue eyes
I’m only a thought away
I’m only
One thought
Away from you
Turn the key
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I wanted say something like this to someone who has been traveling a lot lately. I felt like he needed some support or a release👍 But I stopped myself from saying anything as the venue and mode of communication were not appropriate for that type of personal dialogue. While chatting formally I couldn’t just blurt “hey, I’m picking up something from you. You ok down there? Need me to do anything for you? Want to take a break so I can tell you an erotic story? Oh, and, by the way, my nipples are hard thinking about you. So hang in there. Me and my hot for you body are not going anywhere!” 😄👀😈💋 Instead I used what I couldn’t say earlier today to spark a poem.

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