Belonging, Erotically Yours – Love, Sex & Poetry


Warning – This is spicy. It’s pretty graphic. If that’s not your taste, feel free to not read it. But it was what I was feeling and just needed to put it into words!
Belonging, Erotically Yours
By: Linda A. Long

I’ve been
On fire
My body
Has been on fire
My mind
Has been dripping
Dripping with wet
Wet desire
I was aroused
All day
From seeing you
Last night
I couldn’t sleep
I couldn’t sleep
I was wet
I was wet
With desire
For you
I drifted
In and out
Of class
Into your thoughts
Of me naked
I was lying naked
On the bed
You were touching me
I surrendered
And purred for you
Purred like a kitten
But later fucked
You like a Lion
Pinned you
To my floor
And fucked you
You caught me
By the edge
Of my nipple
And pulled me
To you until
I screamed
From pain and pleasure
You grabbed my tit
To remind me
You wanted to remind me
My breasts belong to you
You brushed my
Red cheeks
And pushed my head
Between your legs
I sucked on you
You moaned
My name
As your fingers
Twisted in my hair
You pulled my hair a
Just a little
To remind me
Remind me
I belong to you
While I sat quietly
You grabbed me
Between my legs
You grabbed my pussy
And pushed your fingers
Deep inside
You wanted me to know
My pussy belongs to you
I Belong to you
My naked wet aroused body
Belongs to you
You drifted into my experience
To command me
I belong to you
I willfully submissively
Spread my legs
And arms open to you
Because I belong to you
Erotically yours
I am erotically yours
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I need to thank MBE for lusciously delicious erotic thoughts the last two days. He looked Hot when I saw him. Lol👍 Jeez, he does set a fire between my legs😈💋💋👏❤️😘 I was in a class all day having these unbelievably vivid thoughts of him and me and, well, you read above what I was thinking about. Lol😇

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