Homecoming – Love, Sex & Poetry

Homecoming – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

With just
My pearls
Hanging around my neck
Over my breasts
My nipples
I pose for you
I'll wait for you
To come home
From travel
I'll patiently
Wait for you
To come from work
With just
A strand of pearls
Hanging around
My neck
I promise
The moment
You open the door
You'll feel the
Pressure of responsibility
Release from your shoulders
As soon as you see me
Waiting for you
Naked with only
My strand of pearls
Brushing against
The lips between
My legs
As I straddle the chair
Stirring the juice
Of my desire for you
I'll stand up
Walk to you
You'll hear my
High heels click
On the floor
As the pearls bounce
As I walk
Until I
Take you
Into my arms
You'll feel my
Warm naked body
In your arms
As your hands
Slide over my soft skin
I'll whisper
In your ear
That I've missed you
I'll tell you about
Counting the days
Until you returned
And of how
I used my
Vibrator with
Only thoughts of you
I thought of you
Fucking me
With each delicious thrust
You'll bend me
Over the table
And slide yourself
Deep inside of me
My pearls will bounce
On the table
In sync to your rhythm
This will be your homecoming
I promise
I will one day
Stand on the other
Side of the door
With only pearls on
Waiting to hear
Your footsteps
On the other side
I promise
I will one day
Be who
You come home to
I'll be waiting
For you
With only my pearls
Hanging around my neck
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I promise – MBE will find me this way one day✌️ I’ll be waiting for him to walk through the door ❤️💋✌️😘😈 I promise ✌️ One day I’ll do this for him. He’s gonna really enjoy his homecomings❤️💋

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