In A Dream – Love, Sex & Poetry

In A Dream – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While you were dreaming
Did you feel
My kiss on your forehead
I kissed you lightly
As I left for work
As you laid
In slumber
Did you hear my voice
Drift sweetly
Into your ears
I told you
I miss you
Nothing is ever
The same
When you are away
As you slept peacefully
Was I naked
Beside you
Could you reach out
In your dream
And feel me
And Know
I was close by
In the middle
Of a sex dream
Did you
Enter me
Without warning
Did you roll me over
And take me
Did you have me
For your pleasure
As you rest in twilight
Is your body
Responding to my words
That I write as you sleep
I send you my soul
On the wings
Of my words
I send my deepest desire
Across the miles
To lay softly
On your heart
Softly kissing
Your lips
I slip out of
Your dream
And back to
My reality
But I carry you
With me
And I’ll look
Forward to meeting
You again tonight
As I lay sleeping
In your waking hours
Connect with me
While I am dreaming
As I lay sleeping
Talk to me
I need to hear
Your voice
Kiss my lips
As I lay dreaming
I’ll be waiting
Kiss me
In a dream
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I woke up really early today with this on my mind. I wrote this poem before even going to work at 6:30am. Thinking about someone far away. ❤️💋MBE

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