My Vision – Love, Sex & Poetry

My Vision – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s hard to explain
The vision
Came so quickly
One after another
So vivid and real
I am not sure
I have the words
To explain what I saw
But, I saw it
My eyes well up
With tears
When I think of it
I see it so clearly
20 years from now
Don’t make me
Say it out loud just yet
I will say to you
Directly one day soon
I will pronounce it
Softly to you as you
Lay on my breasts
One winter night
But for now
Carry these words with you
And know
In your heart
I saw it
20 years from now
The bond we are forging
Lasts the rest
Of our lives
I saw it
There is something
Good happening
Between you and me
Something very good
It is connecting my soul to yours
In this lifetime
And perhaps
In others
We will remain
One day at time
Our souls entwine
Like roots of a tree
Holding us together
Woven together
Warm and inviting
Gentle and reassuring
The energy of our passion and fire
Is dynamically changing
Each of us
For the better
Making us each stronger
The warmth of our spark
Encourage both of us
To grow a little
While knowing
We are forever connected
Our thoughts
Desires and hopes
Reach across the
The reality of our lives
Nurturing the best within
Each other
We are better together
Than apart
We just have to believe
In each other
Believe in our connection
And have faith
Some connections
Are forever
I saw it
In a vision
I saw it
My vision
Of love
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I attended a HeartMath Art Class seminar & workshop on Thursday. During one of the exercises, I had a series of rapid fire visions. It was unbelievable. Really shook me up. I’m used to visions. I get headaches from them sometimes. But, the visions were so intense that night it took me a few days to calm myself down. It kind of made my head spin.

Now, let’s also remember we all have free-will & can change the future with our choices. What I saw could change based upon the choices individuals make. But I am really hoping what I saw does come true because it was beautiful ❤️👍😄💋😘


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