I’m Hot For Him – Love, Sex & Poetry

I’m Hot For Him – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Circling around me
I felt him
I heard him
My mouth watered
With desire
The heat
I could feel it
Across the room
I diverted my eyes
So no one
Would see
I’m smitten
I’m lusting
I’m embarrassed
To say
I was wet with desire
For him
My head spun
With erotic red hot thoughts
For him
My heart pounded his name
From across the room
In his presence
I blush
By the
Erotic images
Haunting my mind
Even as he spoke
I felt the fire
In my belly ignite
Licking me between
My legs
I looked at him
I glanced as he spoke
And looked away
Feeling the flames burning
My nipples
With his initials
Writing his lust
Across my chest
Fanning the flames
Of my desires
He rides my curves
Setting himself
On fire
With my flame
He burns
As I think
Pull his thoughts
Into my eyes
Stripping naked
And straddling him
In a moment
Pressing myself
Against him
To feel his heat
He’s hot
I want his hot skin
Against my body
I need to feel
Him on every inch
Of my body
I’m hot
I am so
Very hot
For him
I’m hot
For him
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I love Jack Vettriano’s work, it’s hot like MBE❤️💋 I’m HOT 🔥 for him HOT🔥. Lol😈💋❤️

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