Authentically Linda

Authentically Linda
By: Linda A. Long

I am a woman
I am a passionate bold woman
I am not afraid
To speak my truth
I will not conform
To make others comfortable
I will not hold back
So you can keep up
I am woman
I embrace my sexuality
I am not embarrassed
To proclaim my desire
As a woman
Who desires a man
I am woman
Don’t underestimate me
Because your view
Of the world is limited
Nor assume that
I can’t or won’t
Have the guts to change
Do not view my world
Through the narrow lens
Of your own limiting beliefs
I write my words
Proudly and openly
I proclaim
The freedom
Of my passions
For my life
And for a man
Without being bashful
Without being shy
I state it authentically
As the strong confident woman
I am today
Who left behind
The person you used to know
Three years ago
To walk boldly
Into the unknown
Standing here on firm ground
There is no
Looking back
I am no longer
The person I was
I’ve changed
I courageously
Victory over the
Demons in my life
Perched on the brink
Of wonderfulness
I open my arms wide
And breath in the
Clean fresh air
Of things and people
Who are good for me
I stand in a state
Of receiving
Knowing for once
The true power
Of my very own soul
God has blessed me
With an abundance
Of courage
A brave heart
A strong mind
And passionate soul
This is just
The beginning
Of my story
Instead of remembering
Who I was
In the past
Be happy for now
Be happy because
I am finally
I am
Authentically Linda
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Tuesday, November 25th is an important day for me. It’s the day three years ago I chose to walk away from the life I was living and chose health. It will be three years since I quit drinking alcohol and smoking👍👏❤️ On that day,
gave myself a fresh start.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it. Some friends still can’t get used to the new me. Here’s the thing…once I walked away, I kept walking. No one expected me to do that. I say openly instead of trying to pull me back, let go and be happy I am healthy. 👍😄😉❤️

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