3 Years And Counting

November 25, 2011 was the Friday after Thanksgiving. And, it was the day that stopped drinking alcohol and I quit smoking. I loved red wine. I salivate thinking about a cold beer. Remembering how a cigarette tasted when I was drunk almost brings a tear to my eye. I never would have quit either unless I had to.

I was sick. By late 2011, I knew my life, my health and my Liver were on the line. The Liver Specialist at Temple University Hospital said to me, “Dying from Liver Disease isn’t pretty, it’s painful and your skin color is already changing. Is this really how a pretty young girl wants to go? You have to at least try to reverse the disease with changing your lifestyle.” The doctor told me there were no guarantees it would work. But, I decided to try anyway and November 25, 2011 was the day I started my journey towards Heath.

November 25, 2014 my Liver disease is in remission. My Liver is mostly healthy. But, it’s remission. It can come back for no reason even with me living clean. So, my lifestyle changes are for the rest of my life. I am not dying yellow and in pain. I’m too vain for that 👍😉

Walking this path hasn’t been easy every day. I’ve done most of it by myself with the sheer force of my own will. The changes I may three years ago transcended into every aspect of my life. I see things clearly. I see people clearly. I know who and what is good for me.

The choice I made that day was the best and hardest choice I ever made because I knew I was walking away from my entire social life too. It forced me to recreate myself. It pushed me to grow and expand my horizons. It gave my life depth and meaning.

I’m exceedingly grateful to all others who have supported me, encouraged me and believed in me during this transformation.