Commando – Love, Sex & Poetry

Commando – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I have a secret
Come close
I’ll whisper it
In your ear
I’m not wearing
Any panties
Under my skirt
Look closely
In my eye
When we pass
If you linger for
Just a moment
You’ll see me
Inviting you
To stimulate me
Make the juice
Of arousal run
Down my leg
I’ll stand in
Front of you
Embarrassed by my
Bare nakedness
But willing to
Share the naughty
Secret under my skirt
With only you
In the color
Of passion
I am wet
With anticipation
Let me sit
In front of you
For just a moment
I’ll spread my legs
Just long enough
For you see
My lips
Full of arousal for you
Asking for you
To slide your hand up
And touch my
Passion for you
Press me down
And taste me
Have me as
Your afternoon snack
And when you
Reach the point
Of no return
Fuck me
Without restraint
Sliding my skirt down
I’ll leave
With your juice
Dripping down my legs
Still wet with
Your desire
It’s hidden
Under my skirt
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Well, I went shopping and saw some panties on sale. I now know why they were on sale😉

I wear skirts with bare legs a lot. I hate pantyhose. I occasionally wear tights in the winter but usually I just prefer bare legs, skirts and boots. The other day I wore a black Pencil skirt which is tight fitting with boots. I also wore a pair of the cheap panties. Well, the pretty pink panties that matched my bra and sweater set fell apart as I was wearing them. It was uncomfortable. I decided to just take them off and go commando – commando in my tight Pencil Skirt ☺️ I kept seeing MBE around and felt like maybe he was sensing there was nothing under the skirt😄😈 He looked really cute in red. As it wasn’t the appropriate place or situation to share my secret with him, I wrote a poem instead. I wrote this yesterday but just got a chance to post it today ❤️👍💋😈😘👏

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