Here’s To Being Wonder Woman in 2015 – My 2015 Intentions


Intentions 2015

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. They seem cliché to me. But, I do believe in using Intentions to change/mold and direct my life. I am a planner; setting goals and Intentions makes sense to me. I believe if you set a goal and make a plan, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Below is the list of Intentions I posted last year. Under each Intention is my “Monday Morning Quarterback” review of how it actually worked out as the year rolled by and a new Intention for 2015.

2014 Physical Health Intention
I will remain Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.  although I do miss having a glass of wine, I can’t go through all the work it took to heal my Liver again.  I just can’t do it again. The Liver Specialist told me the Liver disease will come out of remission and will be even worse and may even kill me if I gain too much weight or drink alcohol again. So, I’ve accepted that alcohol is my Kryptonite.  Moving on…Now that my stomach is healed and I no longer have multiple nutritional deficiencies from lack of absorption I have to work on finding the right balance food and calories for my health body.  I would like to take off the 10lbs I put back on.  I will use use Yoga and Power Walking as my primary exercises to nourish my body and help me maintain a healthy weight. Also, if you read my blog regularly, you may have noticed I removed the Celiac Disease Infographic.  I did this intentionally. I now believe when you identify yourself with an illness, you open the door to more illness.  In other words, I am happy and grateful now that I am healthy and I feel good.  I do not identify myself with any illness or disease.

2014 was a pretty good Heath year until November. I remained Gluten Free, Alcohol Free and for the most part healthy. But, in the back half of 2014 I noticed some small changes in my body. Most of which were attributed to being 47 years old and premenopausal. In November I started experiencing a lot of pain and missed periods. An Ultrasound showed a nodule my right ovary. In a recent ER visit, I learned the nodule was indeed a Benign Endometrioma that was shrinking. But they also found another Endometrioma on my left ovary. This confirms the diagnosis of Endometriosis and explains all the weird symptoms I was having for the last few months. And, I will indeed be starting drug induced Menopause on January 7th and may need a Hysterectomy in the future. The way I look at all of this – Thank God it’s not Ovarian Cancer. I can handle this✌️ 😄

2015 Physical Health Intention
I will continue to make strong healthy choices for my body and my overall health. Here’s to Gluten Free, Alcohol Free and maybe even Ovary Free in 2015👍😄😜

2014 Emotional and Mental Health Intention
I will continue to walk my own path. I will remain authentic in everything I do. I will be genuine and open.  I will continue to embrace my highly intuitive nature.   I will continue to use Yoga, Mantras, Meditation and prayer to facilitate my spiritual journey. I am happy and grateful now that I am living life as my authentic self.

2014 brought a new level of authenticity in my life. I noticed the more I owned my shit and revealed who I was honestly, the more I attracted genuine people into my life. I also noticed an increase in my intuitive power in 2014. I think this is because I’ve been practicing with great intention. Also helps that I have someone who is very tuned into me. I’ve noticed an increase in our ability to communicate with each other intuitively. It’s nice and it also fun❤️

2015 Emotional & Mental Health Intention
My 2014 Intention in the area of my life remains intact. It’s pretty much the way I live life now.🙏

2014 Financial Health Intention
I am a money magnet. I attracted abundance.  Money comes to easily and effortlessly.  Everything I need want and desire appears before me effortlessly at just the right time.  I have excellent money managment skills 🙂

2014 brought greater financial comfort and security. While I still need to work on building an bigger nest egg a bit, financially I’ve had a good year. I moved to a beachfront condo with an ocean view, I bought a new 2015 Honda Fit Ex and I’ve helped some people in need. It’s been a good year..

2015 Financial Health Intention
My 2014 Financial Intention remains intact for 2015. But I will add saving more and sharing my blessings with more people in need✌️

2014 Spiritual Health Intention
I am happy and grateful now that I live a life of passion. I will keep the fire in my belly burning by kindling it with growth.  I will continue to challenge myself, nurture myself and celebrate my victories. 2014 was all about personal growth and rekindling the fire in belly.

2015 Spiritual Health Intention
2014’s Intention remains intact for 2015. I will add personal growth is extremely important to me. I will continue to grow in all directions and embrace all opportunities that challenge me and grow me👍

2014 Relationship Health Intentions
I will continue to surround myself with good influences who challenge me and encourage my growth. I am good to know. I will maintain an open heart and mind. I am attracted to people who are good for me. I am attracted to people with like energy. I attract health relationships.

The most important relationship of my life is the one I have with myself. In 2014 I loved myself on all levels. I accepted myself on all levels. I allowed myself to receive – to receive all the goodness I deserved.

2015 Relationship Health Intention
2014 Intentions remain intact for 2015. But I will add…In 2015 I will attract people who are good for me and people who encourage me to grow. I hope a clear path is identified in my love life and I will make an effort to make more friends with similar interests.

2015 Career and Professional Development Intention
In 2014 it seemed like I was in a holding pattern. But I foresee that pattern being broken in 2015. I plan on getting my PMP Certification to give me a push in the right direction I am most interested in pursing.

While I don’t feel my 9-5 job is my passion or my purpose, it is a secure way for a single independent self-sufficient woman to support herself. I can pursue my passions on my free time.

While I’ve never had the Oprah Ah Ha Moment, I have noticed as I grow and embrace my authenticity I seem to encourage others to do the same. I also noticed as I overcome obstacles I seem to inspire others to do the same. Maybe that’s my purpose in life. Maybe it’s all about being strong, growing and becoming my best self so I give others permission to do the same👍😄❤️🙏😇

One last note, if what doesn’t kill you doesn’t in fact make you stronger than I’m going to be like fucking Wonder Woman by the time God is done with me👍😄😘👏

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Still You

Still You – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I was thinking
As I was laying
I was thinking
I wanted to be naked
I wanted to be free
To express
My rising desire
You were on my mind
I was in crisis
But you were on
My mind
I wanted
To be naked
We are
In my thoughts
We were entwined
My legs wrapped
Around your hips
Your arms
Holding mine
Over my head
Pinning my
Under you
To the bed
Like the roots
Of a tree
You penetrate
My soil
And dig yourself
Far into my soul
We are
Weaving together
It’s still you
I want
In my bed
It’s still you
I want you
As my friend
And lover
It’s still you
I want
In my bed
In 2015
I want to be
In my bed
With you
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MBE told me to “Behave” yesterday. Lol😄 Who me? I wasn’t doing anything naughty 😇 😈 I might have been having a few naughty thoughts but I was “behaving” 😇 But it was interesting because it seemed like he was reading my mind. I was impressed that his levity kept me relaxed during a stressful time 😉 I was, however, fondly reminded yesterday why I smoked Pot in the past and left wondering why I ever stopped👍😄🙀

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By: Linda A. Long

You break me
You bully me
You push me
You taunt me
You hurt me
You disappoint me
You humble me
For some reason
I don’t quite
I still believe
I believe you
Love me
Call me again
To rise up
Push forward
And grow again
You ask me to
Trust this journey
You ask me
To transform
My heart and soul
When I underestimate
You show me
My strength
When I feel broken
You show me
You removed all
Obstacles from love
In my heart
And made
Me love again
I turn my eyes
To the sunshine
And put my trust
Into your hands
Where ever
This journey takes me
I know
I’m being called
To be someone different
Without understanding
I accept your invitation
To grow
I fear that
I’m a too tired
To rally
But I trust
You will give
Me the strength
In this prayer
I acquiesce
I only ask
For you to oblige
One request
Let there be a reason
For this
Let there be a purpose
In this
Let my experiences
Encourage others
Let my determination
Motivate others
Let my humble words
Help someone else
Find peace
Or perhaps
Detect a disease early
Because they read
About my experiences
I pray
For meaning
In my challenges
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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Ocean Kiss

Ocean Kiss – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You will find me
In the sunrise
Where the sky
Kisses the ocean
On the tip
Of a wave
That echoes
My nipples
Into erection
With thoughts
Of your wet lips
Kissing my breasts
Into arousal
And promising a
New passionate beginning
Waits for you
Where the sand
Meets the water
And you ride
The tide
Into my thoughts
And remind me
Of your desire
To touch my lips
With the brush
Of your finger
And pull me
Into your arms
My desires exposed
I’m naked
And open
To your erotic intentions
I rest on the bed
Of sexual chemistry
Stirring my potion
With just the
Touch of my fingers
Connecting with you
I send you
Sexual energy
I fortify you
With the confidence
Of a woman
Who wants
You authentically
Seducing you
With the smell
Of the ocean
On my skin
And the
Soft rolling waves
Of the passion
Between us
Growing stronger
With the rising tide
You will find me
In the sunset
Where the sky
Kisses the ocean
And my body lays
Open to the
Sweet melody
Of your erotic intentions
Your thoughts are
Carried to me
With the soft
Words you say to me
As I feel you
Softly kiss
Between my legs
I call to you
Follow the sound
Of the rolling waves
I’m lying naked
On a cloud
In the sunrise
Of a new beginning
The sunrise
Of my love
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I was looking at the ocean this morning from my window. This poem & MBE came to mind❤️😄👎💋😞

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Persuasion

Persuasion – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I was wet
Lust saturated my mind
And coveted
My every thought
Holding it tightly
Like you were
My arms to the bed
As you had
Your delight
My arms were above
My head
Pinned to the bed
By your masculine hands
You exert your dominance
Over my submissive body
Open to your erotic suggestions
Willing to explore
The depths of desire
With you
My lover
I surrender
My ample breasts
To the warmth
Of your silky lips
Slip down the curve of
Voluptuous hips
Into the waiting waters
Of our sensual chemistry
Anchor yourself
Between my soft thighs
With the assertiveness
Of your passionate energy
I release
The power of my sensuality
Under the firm
Of you
Inside of me
Your persistent persuasion
Raises my hips
With your orgasmic thrusts
My body responds
To the persuasion
Of your thoughts
As I lay leisurely
In bed
I think of you
This morning
I vision you at work
And I acquiesce
To the persuasion of your
That make me wet
And beg for
The touch of my hand
Between my legs
I surrender under
The power of your
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I had a lazy Wednesday morning in bed sipping coffee and doing other things😈💋 MBE was on my mind ☺️😘😈💋❤️

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ The Answer

The Answer – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There’s a primal
Scent of desire
That drifts in the air
When we are near
Each other
It’s a magnet
My eyes to yours
It pouts my lips
In anticipation
Of your kiss
And hangs like
In the air
Your desire clings
To me
Without resistance
I allow myself
The pleasure
Of the fall
Into enchantment
With you
My breasts float
In heightened awareness
Of your presence
In my aura
It rises up in me
The heat rises up
As the flame licks
My erotic intentions
Anticipation swells
Between my legs
Eager to spread
If even for just a second
For you this afternoon
In the privacy
Of my words
To your heart
On the sweet
Waves of your
Erotic intentions
I lay myself open
To the beautiful soul
I see
Behind your gentle eyes
It’s the synergy of your
Masculine dominance
And the gentleness
Of your soul
That melts me
Like snow
On a warm afternoon
Melting before your eyes
I offer no resistance
Only acknowledgement
Of the truth
That I now accept
As my own
You now reside
In a part of my heart
That I never knew
I left open
You crawled slowly
Into the darkest corner
Of my resistant heart
And broke
Through my defenses
With lust
And the honor
Of a good man
I’m not sure
Where the new
Optimism I feel
For love
In my heart
Will lead me
But I do know
One thing for sure
I trust you
I really genuinely
Trust you
With my life
With my heart
With my path
Where you lead
I will follow
I will follow
Where you lead
That’s my answer
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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It’s funny. This is what I hear in my head, “I have a plan. Hang in there. Don’t go anywhere. Trust me. I have a plan for us.”

I suppose this poem is the answer to this communication. Almost as if I’m giving MBE the vote of confidence he needs to move forward❤️😄👍 I am in! Whatever scathingly brilliant plan you are working, I am IN !❤️😄😉✌️💋🙏👏😘🌹🔥

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Love You Honestly – Love, Sex & Poetry

Love You Honestly – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want
To love you
I want to
See all of your
And know your
I want to
Your hesitations
And see the
Deep secrets
You keep hidden
In your heart
I will love you
More in honesty
I want
To show you
The rooms in my heart
That I closed
In tragedy
I want you to
How my life evolved
And how I came
To be the
I am today
A strong loving woman
Who isn’t afraid to
The truth that
Lives in her heart
In the name of love
I want you to
Love me honestly
I’ll strip away
The illusions
So you can
See and know the
I am resilient
Because life
Broke me at
At a young age
I am wise
Because I’ve been
Forced to learn
Through pain
I am compassionate
Because I understand
The depths of
Human suffering
I’ve suffered
But I still love
I still believe
I still understand
There’s strength
In honesty
And wisdom
In self acceptance
Let me
Love you
And build a
New life with me
In this truth
Wrap the best days
Of my life
In the honesty
Of your love
And acceptance
I will love
Your weaknesses
As much as your
We will grow
Break the chains
That have held
Us both back
The chains
That once tied us
To our
Will tie us together
Break yourself
With my love
I will lay
Wide open
To catch your fall
I promise to
Love you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: This flowed out of me like a river this morning. Like the words needed to be said. Like someone needed to hear words of love and support❤️😘💋

On another note today, on December 7, 2003, my brother in law, Bob Darragh, had a heart attack and died while drinking a beer at the Linc during an Eagles vs. Cowboys game. I’ll never forget that day. I was actually driving from Philly to home in Ocean City, NJ that day & drove passed the Linc at the exact time of his death. Bob’s brother called me and told me to turn around and come back to his house. He didn’t tell me Bob died. He just told me Bob got sick at the game.

I stopped at a Wawa to get coffee and called my sister in law. She told me Bob died and they couldn’t find my sister and kids. I knew they were Christmas shopping with my sister. My sister’s cell phone was dead in the car. While in the Wawa parking lot, I was able to track them down at the Oxford Vally Mall. I had to tell them Bob was sick and they had to go to Methodist Hospital. I didn’t tell them he was dead. When I got to Bob’s brother’s house I found out a friend told them he died while they were driving. It was horrible.

I took a week off of work to help my sister and her kids. Having to pick my crying sister up off of her basement floor to get her dressed for her husband’s viewing is a memory I will never forget. 🙏

Bob’s kids, my nephew, nieces and their friends are all going to the Eagles vs. Seahawks game today. It’s the first time they will be there on his anniversary. I know Bob’s spirit will be with the kids. I hope the “Die in” protestors don’t cause them any problems.

Fly Eagles Fly in Memory of Bob Darragh. ❤️🏈✌️😉😄👍👏
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Loving My Lady Parts

The female body is a complicated piece of machinery. And, when a woman gets close to Menopause things really get complicated.

I’ve known for about two years I had a small Ovarian Cyst on my right Ovary. I have Ultrasounds to Check the size and make sure it doesn’t turn into something more serious like a tumor. I haven’t been very worried about it. But I have noticed over the last year that the pain has been worst and first day of my Period has been absolutely brutal. At times I’ve left work midday because I couldn’t sit upright any longer. I pretty much have been suffering through it.

The last two months have been especially bad. Luckily it’s come on Friday nights in recent months so I haven’t had to miss work but I’ve been down for the count the whole weekend. This past week has been especially painful. It’s worse than it was and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

My Gyn’s office has a few doctors and sometimes I don’t always see the Doctor. Instead I get the Nurse Practitioner who is ok. But for this issue I really wanted the Doctor. I saw him today and was quite pleased and relieved. He also notated his file so his staff will know that he only wants me to see him at least until I hit Menopause. Lol✌️😄 He’ll be better able to coordinate my care. There will more continuity with me just seeing him.

As it turns out, he could feel my cyst this time which means it grew. And, he believes Endometriosis is also causing the pain. We scheduled a Pelvic Ultrasound for tomorrow morning before I go to work. Once he sees the results, he’ll know which method of treatment is best for me now.

In the meantime, he gave me a good habit forming😄 narcotic for pain that I can only take at bedtime as needed. Thank God👍 I only need it a few days a month. He also gave me some literature to read on the treatment options. He’s pretty sure he’s going to recommend I take a drug to totally stop my periods until menopause. He wants me read up on the drugs and decide which one I prefer. We will compare our notes after we get the ultrasound results.

The good news is this all goes away when Menopause comes to town. I will only have to take the medicine for a couple of years. I will also be free of pain and I won’t lose two days of my life each month.

I learned a lesson in all of this. Once again I was suffering for months and not seeking help. I was tough it out because that’s what I do. Asking for help always seems to be my last resort. Stubborn just like my Mother. But being stubborn and toughing things out no longer serves me and is holding me back.

I only recently started to speak up and ask for help when I feel I can’t navigate things by myself. It’s not easy for me. If I ask someone for help, I really trust them. That also isn’t easy for me. I’m being called to grow through these experiences. I’m being called to trust, ask for help and believe someone else can help me. Or maybe I’m just trying to find some meaning in this crazy fucked world of mine.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m overall happy in my life. I’m blessed and lucky for everything I have. Just some issues have been frustrating me and I guess I’m done hiding it from everyone. I had to take some kind of action because I reached my limit for bullshit. It is what it is. And, now I have to trust the people who I asked to help me👍😄 It’s all good🙏

Oh, one last thing, my new car arrived. A Red 2015 Honda Fit Ex with Moonroof & Alloy Wheels. I have an appointment to sign & drive tomorrow night👍🚗


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Twin Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry

Twin Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There’s a flame
That burns between
You and me
It flickers
In the darkness
When our hearts
Are apart for too long
It roars brilliantly
When we are close
Into one
A bright hot beautiful flame
It burns
Licking our skin with
Unbridled desire
Our appetite
For each other grows
Like the flame
The burns between us
Like a story
That was always meant
To be told
Or a melody
That played softly
In our hearts
Waiting until
The other half was near
This flame
Waits for us
This flame burns
I see the beautiful tones
Of our affections
When I look at you
I hear the
Tips of the flames
Licking at my
Nipples when
I hear your voice
As if speaking
Into my soul
You connect
Your flame to mine
We burn
Could you be the
Twin Flame
To my soul
Could you carry
My future in your
Softness of your hands
Will you steady my
Resolve when
Fear of loss overpowers me
Will you help me
Breathe as I cross
Over the alligators
Of pain and disappointment
Just so I can
Be near you
I pray you don’t
Scare off easy
I’m a complicated girl
I hope you are not intimidated by
My complexity
There’s a need within me
To grow and evolve
I can’t live shallow
I must dive into
The deep waters and
Find meaning in this life
Will your flame light my way
As one day blends into another
And I become accustomed
To the curve of your face
And the cadence
Of your voice
I am less afraid
To feel these emotions that
Swim in my heart for you
And swell up
Without my consent
Is your flame
The twin to my own
Does it vibrate the same
Energy as my soul
Does It burn the same
Passion that is between my legs
As you wrap your
Desires around my body
I feel the power of your thoughts
Touching me
Guiding me
Steadying me
Asking me to stay with you
On this journey
You know I need you
And appear
In the distance
Almost as if
I imagined it
Or pulled you
Into my existence
With the power
Of my thoughts
That afternoon
You kiss my mind
Through the distance
My flame flickers
Knowing you are near
Twin flames
Do you hold
The other end
Of my fire
Is your flame
The twin to my own
Will our flames
Burn as one
Burn brightly
As one
With my
Twin flame
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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While searching for artwork in recent weeks, I kept coming across “Twin Flame” artwork and websites. As I started reading about it, I was surprised I never heard the term before. Everyone has heard of the term “soulmate” but a Twin Flame is different. It’s actually much deeper. Almost every site I visited described the Twin Flames signs the same. Follow this link to read them in detail.

But what I found most interesting is that I am very familiar with most of them because I am experiencing them right now with MBE🙏 I can’t say for certain if MBE is my Twin Flame. I would have to ask him if he’s having similar experiences to mine with regards to our connection. But I’m noticing Synchronicity & telepathy between us for sure. Words are rarely needed. I routinely convince myself this all in my mind until another synchronized event or telepathic message arrives. Crazy when you think of it. Well, if he is my Twin Flame, then we are in for one hell of life together. I’ll just have to wait and see 👍❤️😄💋😈😘👏

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One of my favorite romantic songs
Crazy Love – Van Morrison