Twin Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry

Twin Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There’s a flame
That burns between
You and me
It flickers
In the darkness
When our hearts
Are apart for too long
It roars brilliantly
When we are close
Into one
A bright hot beautiful flame
It burns
Licking our skin with
Unbridled desire
Our appetite
For each other grows
Like the flame
The burns between us
Like a story
That was always meant
To be told
Or a melody
That played softly
In our hearts
Waiting until
The other half was near
This flame
Waits for us
This flame burns
I see the beautiful tones
Of our affections
When I look at you
I hear the
Tips of the flames
Licking at my
Nipples when
I hear your voice
As if speaking
Into my soul
You connect
Your flame to mine
We burn
Could you be the
Twin Flame
To my soul
Could you carry
My future in your
Softness of your hands
Will you steady my
Resolve when
Fear of loss overpowers me
Will you help me
Breathe as I cross
Over the alligators
Of pain and disappointment
Just so I can
Be near you
I pray you don’t
Scare off easy
I’m a complicated girl
I hope you are not intimidated by
My complexity
There’s a need within me
To grow and evolve
I can’t live shallow
I must dive into
The deep waters and
Find meaning in this life
Will your flame light my way
As one day blends into another
And I become accustomed
To the curve of your face
And the cadence
Of your voice
I am less afraid
To feel these emotions that
Swim in my heart for you
And swell up
Without my consent
Is your flame
The twin to my own
Does it vibrate the same
Energy as my soul
Does It burn the same
Passion that is between my legs
As you wrap your
Desires around my body
I feel the power of your thoughts
Touching me
Guiding me
Steadying me
Asking me to stay with you
On this journey
You know I need you
And appear
In the distance
Almost as if
I imagined it
Or pulled you
Into my existence
With the power
Of my thoughts
That afternoon
You kiss my mind
Through the distance
My flame flickers
Knowing you are near
Twin flames
Do you hold
The other end
Of my fire
Is your flame
The twin to my own
Will our flames
Burn as one
Burn brightly
As one
With my
Twin flame
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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While searching for artwork in recent weeks, I kept coming across “Twin Flame” artwork and websites. As I started reading about it, I was surprised I never heard the term before. Everyone has heard of the term “soulmate” but a Twin Flame is different. It’s actually much deeper. Almost every site I visited described the Twin Flames signs the same. Follow this link to read them in detail.

But what I found most interesting is that I am very familiar with most of them because I am experiencing them right now with MBE🙏 I can’t say for certain if MBE is my Twin Flame. I would have to ask him if he’s having similar experiences to mine with regards to our connection. But I’m noticing Synchronicity & telepathy between us for sure. Words are rarely needed. I routinely convince myself this all in my mind until another synchronized event or telepathic message arrives. Crazy when you think of it. Well, if he is my Twin Flame, then we are in for one hell of life together. I’ll just have to wait and see 👍❤️😄💋😈😘👏

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One of my favorite romantic songs
Crazy Love – Van Morrison