Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Ocean Kiss

Ocean Kiss – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You will find me
In the sunrise
Where the sky
Kisses the ocean
On the tip
Of a wave
That echoes
My nipples
Into erection
With thoughts
Of your wet lips
Kissing my breasts
Into arousal
And promising a
New passionate beginning
Waits for you
Where the sand
Meets the water
And you ride
The tide
Into my thoughts
And remind me
Of your desire
To touch my lips
With the brush
Of your finger
And pull me
Into your arms
My desires exposed
I’m naked
And open
To your erotic intentions
I rest on the bed
Of sexual chemistry
Stirring my potion
With just the
Touch of my fingers
Connecting with you
I send you
Sexual energy
I fortify you
With the confidence
Of a woman
Who wants
You authentically
Seducing you
With the smell
Of the ocean
On my skin
And the
Soft rolling waves
Of the passion
Between us
Growing stronger
With the rising tide
You will find me
In the sunset
Where the sky
Kisses the ocean
And my body lays
Open to the
Sweet melody
Of your erotic intentions
Your thoughts are
Carried to me
With the soft
Words you say to me
As I feel you
Softly kiss
Between my legs
I call to you
Follow the sound
Of the rolling waves
I’m lying naked
On a cloud
In the sunrise
Of a new beginning
The sunrise
Of my love
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I was looking at the ocean this morning from my window. This poem & MBE came to mind❤️😄👎💋😞

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