Love, Sex & Poetry ~ In The Blue

In The Blue – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long 

Like blue water
Deep and crystalized
I ride
On the wave
Of your eyes
As my ebb
Brings your flow
Into my experience
Peaks of remembrance
Sparks the continuous
Wave of
This steady desire
Pulling me
Under with the
Rip of your
Fingers at the
Buttons of my blouse
You pull me down
Into the cavern
Of your
Lustful thoughts
And savory desires
The current swells
Between my legs
And opens
My shell like a clam
A pearl of erotic
And wet stories
Only told
In the privacy of
Your thoughts
To mine
It’s in the blue
I lose a little
Of myself
As I swim
Deeper into
Your soul
And anchor myself
Into your heart
With the tentacles
Of my breasts
Wrapping around
Your neck and pulling
You down on to my
Sensual Reef
Filled with lust and desire
For you
It’s in the blue
The blue of your eyes
That I see myself
I see myself
Reflected back
Lying naked
Before you
Exposed in your eyes
You are steadied
By my
Unwavering desire
It’s in the blue
I meet you
With hope and anticipation
In the blue
Of your eyes
I meet you
In the blue
C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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