Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Under The Blanket

Under The Blanket – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Join me
Under the blanket
Cuddle up
To me
And warm your hands
Between my legs
Snuggle up
Next to me
And nourish yourself
With the heat
Of my body
Lay close
To me
Under this blanket
And share this
Special space
I saved for you
Tug at my bra
Just enough
To expose my nipple
Suck on me
Let’s lose track
Of time
Under this blanket
Invite me
To play with you
With the twinkle
In your brilliant
Blue eyes
Sparkling with
Each piece of
My clothing you remove
On this lazy
Sunday afternoon
Snuggle up
With me
Lose touch
With reality
For this moment
Of time
As we
Share the intimacy
Of our bodies touching
My soul
Only complete
When yours is near by
Join me
Under this blanket
And press your
Ear against my chest
Listen to my
My heartbeat strengthen
In your presence
And know
You are
Wanted, desired and loved
Slide under
The blanket with me
On this lazy
Sunday afternoon
Lose yourself
With me in
This moment
Of intimacy
When you are
Mine to keep
Cuddle up
Close to me
I want to feel
Your energy
Touch my body
I want see
Your desire for
Me in the blue
Of your eyes
Share this moment
With me
Under the blanket
Of our love
On this
Lazy Sunday afternoon
Cuddle up
I’m warm
And waiting
For you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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The GYN Reproductive Endocrinologist I saw last week suggested I get Acupuncture to alleviate the pain from Adenomyosis and to help balance my hormones. I’m hoping to avoid a Hysterectomy. But, I’ve also made my peace with the situation. I know it’s highly probable that I may eventually need the surgery. I’m over being scared😄 If I need surgery, I’ll “saddle up” and do it. Possibly needing surgery has been stressing me out a bit because back in 1997 I had my Gallbladder removed. There was a complication & I lost a lot of blood. It tripped out my Arrhythmia which is otherwise innocent. And, well, I flat lined on the table and woke up when they paddled me. I woke up hours later to my entire family standing around me crying. I told my doctor this story and she said if I need the surgery she would do it at Jeff. She would take every precaution and will have a cardiologist on stand-by.

Anyways, I had an Acupuncture treatment yesterday👍 I was told to relax and stay warm for the first 24 to 48 hours because it was a pretty intense treatment. I will say I’ve been really sleepy😴 But I have no pain and I’m very relaxed👍

I’m laying under a furry warm blanket watching the Packers vs. Seahawks game and had a magical idea😇 I think MBE should cuddle up with me on this lazy rainy Sunday afternoon 😈💋 I don’t think we’d watch much football if we were both under my blanket😈 But, I would find the heat of his body quite enjoyable and would definitely enjoy the growing intimacy and closeness between us❤️💋🔥😇

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